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According to Harvard Business Research, top performers in the organization are four hundred percent more productive than the average employees. This is because they know their potential and are selective about where they work. The best employees (A-players) often always find an environment that could help them achieve their long-term goals. Not experienced one, they start looking for a better job. What they mean by a ‘Better Job’ is the one that has an inspiring work culture and not merely offers a high paycheck.

“An organization is known by its people.”

As employers and HR leaders, you must, therefore, comprehend the kind of work culture your top performers prefer and which are those elements of your work culture to be emphasized upon to attract, engage & retain the best employees in your organization:

Independence to Work

Top talent is always self-motivated and comes with wings of freedom. These employees make their own decisions and take up new challenges on their own. The flexibility to complete the tasks is something they want from who they work with. While, average employees often found abusing the privileges of freedom, best employees strategically as well as, proficiently utilize their skills to deliver better output. They do not need bosses to follow; they become leaders of their roles inspiring the rest of the employees.

“A company is as good as its people.”

Transparency in Communication

Just as true top performers are with their goals, they want their employees to be equally transparent what they are seeking from them. This helps them make better decisions, create work strategies to accomplish those designated goals by employers. The top performers consistently look for managers who provide unbiased feedback and information about any negative or positive development and any mismatch in the communication demoralizes them to perform better. This calls for employers, leaders, and managers to create an entirely apparent work environment to retain those A-players.

Tests of Hard work

Where employers are occupied hiring experienced and skilled candidates, sometimes miss out to recognize the already grown leaders in the organization. These are top performers who lead with hard work and show up unmatched output, come what may. These employees love to take up challenges which could help them learn, innovate, and grow. They perform to the best of their abilities by pushing themselves a little more every day. All that they want is work culture that gives them opportunities to shine as they simply do not prefer wasting their precious time and knowledge working in the monotonous job routine.

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Learnings for Employers, HR Leaders & Managers

Realize that top performers do not just settle for any job. But when do, it is primarily the work culture they have opted for the salary package. It would also mean that if they are not given a motivating, growing and rewarding environment, they may make a swift move. Hence, the employers, HR leaders and managers of the association must focus on identifying and shaping the top performers besides conducting mass hiring.

This talent acquisition strategy not just works with employees but also candidates while candidate sourcing. So, what the hiring managers must do to demonstrate their culture and make top candidates talking?

This includes:

1. Creating a Career Site

When you find a potential candidate willing to work for your brand, your career site must be the first thing s/he encounters with. Showcase your office culture on the website- how you work, how your customers and happy employees feel about you and so on. This innovative way to employer branding will give your excellent results in no time.

2. Creating Videos

Videos are exciting mediums through which you can tell your work culture, interact and engage with candidates. Videos deliver information more quickly and are restored in mind for a longer time. It also provides a genuine demonstration of your work culture in front of prospective candidates.

3. Creating Engaging Interviews

You have shortlisted candidates, but this time does not make the mistake of conducting those same, long, tedious interviews. You want top performers. Create questions that allow the candidate to interact more with you. Introduce him or her to the leaders of the company. Tell them how your process works. And just like you decide to hire, it is their choice whether they want will get associated with you.

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