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Over the course of time, technology has been leading the HR space with more widespread adoption by recruiters in the industry. But, are the disruptive HR technology trends helping businesses to hire, engage and retain the talent? Where exactly things are and going, this needs to be comprehended well.

Revealed below are the top HR technology trends you must anticipate in the year ahead.

Existing Performance Reviews

The ongoing scenario

Indeed! Performance reviews work great when conducted more often. 2017 has been the year when HR ceased to beat around the bush and allowed performance reviews to turn into a regular part of a talent management world. More ventures have started to adopt this existing model for employee management.

So, what’s next?

Employ a performance review software. Having such a brilliant HR technology set-up would enable you to have a smooth and comprehensive way to track the performance of your employees. Just like an Applicant Tracking System makes hiring better, a performance review software will take employee management to a higher level.

With a performance tracking software, you can gather detailed information for weekly, bi-weekly or even monthly reports. Make this small adjustment to experience bigger results in your talent management journey.

Predictive People Analytics

The ongoing scenario

How would you assess whom to recruit or know what exactly your employees need in the workplace? How would you predict about a new update in the workplace? Get people analytics. If you can predict the workplace behavior, and desires appropriately, you would certainly be able to implement the changes with employee buy-in.

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So, what’s next?

Begin by asking plenty of questions from your employees. Further, employ an in-house, survey software that has graphical reporting features. With a simple to use, talent analytics software, you will be able to know what your employees need and make the right hiring decisions.

Social Media Rules Hiring

The ongoing scenario

You already must be devising social media for your recruitment process. Indeed, social media platforms such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook help to scout potential talent, advertise an open position, know the professional history of a prospective candidate and so on. The upsurge of this HR technology trend meets the evolution of social media, and it is only likely to get bigger and greater.

So, what’s next?

Embrace the power of social media tools. Learn to know the right timings to post a job. Read the latest HR blog posts to stay updated with the existing HR technology trends. Make catchy yet professional profiles to create active candidate engagement. Know what your potential candidates might not like you do. Just like you, your potential candidates are also waiting for the best match. Make it happen for them with the right use of social media.

HR Technology Trends – What to Expect?

Realize, trends take place because individuals want them to take place. So, never be afraid to take risks and create a trend. With the right approach, candidate attraction and candidate sourcing, both can be done effectively. All you need to do is be persistent. Changes do not take place overnight. When it comes to recruitment, the results are the based on your constant efforts.

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Evolution of Team Management tools

The ongoing scenario

There are a plethora of technology tools specially designed to aid people share, collaborate, create goals, as well as, work collectively as a team. While such these may not be considered as HR technology tools, most of them have begun to invade the HR tech industry.

What’s next?

This is one of the latest and widely progressing trends, which is embraced by more and more HR managers. Integrate with your HR tech tools and shift away from the traditional way of managing teams.

Making the best use of these HR technology trends will only help to accentuate your recruitment journey. Get started!

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