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Learning is a never-ending process. We learn from one another and every day. And movies are an integral part of the society and are often a reflection of the culture we uphold.

Needless to say, there is a lot to learn from movies – even management and Human Resource (HR) lessons. Yes. If we observe the films a little carefully, we will realize there’s lot to learn regarding HR and management lessons.

The recent blockbuster Bahubaali 2 has been a huge hit with audiences, and apparently, there are ample lessons that are to be learned from the movie. So, what are these lessons? Let’s take a look:

#1. Identifying the “X” factor in self-motivation/motivating experience

Baahubali and Bhallal Dev both had invested a lot of trust in Katappa, but the latter betrayed both of them only because of jealousy and lust for power. Katappa, despite being friends with the other two was way more selfish and aspired to take up the throne from them. This kind of a lust drove him to resort to the actions that he took against his ‘friends’.

HR Lesson: As Maslow’s hierarchy of needs fairly stated, every person had various factors of motivation. A good HR professional should recognize those ‘x-factors’ and address adequately.

#2. Promote candidates objectively; avoid playing with emotions

Needless to say, Baahubali was the righteous heir/candidate to the throne, and Shivagami was aware of it fully. However, she was overruled by emotions and eventually promoted Bhallal Dev to a senior position which eventually went on to ascend the throne. This decision had several repercussions and eventually led to the fall of the entire empire.

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HR Lesson: A good manager should possess a good sense of discretion and make decisions by competencies and proven fact, and never based on emotions.

#3. Grievances: Avoid making decisions right at face value

The character of Shivagami was otherwise strong as a leader and even held on to high values. However, other succeeded in manipulating her only because she ended up making decisions right at face value.

HR Lesson: In the case of grievances, HR Professional should never take decisions without structured investigation and proven facts.

#4. Always have a backup for your support – be it resource, data or plan

Despite all kinds of enmity and feelings of ill feeling, Katappa was the only productive resource of Bhallal Deva. And Bhallal Deva never nurtured another resource who could be a good replacement for Katappa. He neither had a proper backup plan to control the situation if Devasena is set free.

HR Lesson: One should always have a right blend of the resources available. If one resource leaves, next one should be available to fill in the shoes.

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