Mobile Apps Made Recruiting Easier

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If you recruit, you would agree, Recruiters are always racing to source and place the right talent in least amount of time possible. Ways have changed and have been modernized, and the latest trend in hiring has been mobile hiring. It offers the convenience of searching recruiters, as well as, the candidates.

Therefore, it makes sense to scroll through the top 5 HR apps for the recruiting world that have been extracted by CareerBuilder:

  1. The Interviewer

Having an iPhone now is more of a necessity & important to efficiently manage the recruiting process for recruiters. As of now the app, ‘The Interviewer’ is designed only for iPhone users that shortens the recruiting process in all three stages ‘before interview’, ‘during interview’ to ‘after interview ‘. The app also helps to determine the capability of the candidate basis – list of skills and questions that are asked through the app.

  1. Skilo

When social recruiting is your need, Skilo pops up as a very useful app. The easy to use app can helps to streamline and simplify the talent acquisition process providing recruiters, employees and candidates to experience application management – post and apply, refer and post jobs.  Also you would like features such as:

  • Online Chatting options
  • Referrals
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Mobile Apps Made Recruiting Easier
Mobile Apps Made Recruiting Easier
  1. Zartis

Whether you are a small or medium-sized organization, sourcing the best talent is no more challenging with Zartis. The app allows recruiters to create a customized career site without having any prior software knowledge and job posting can become easier. Also features:

  • A secure pool of interested candidates
  • Option to announce job openings on social platforms
  1. AutoSearch Mobile

The wonderful app allows recruiters get access to potential candidates along with best leads on a single platform and reduces the hours wasted on other websites.  Features like ‘search’ mainly targets the geographic sources across the globe by filtering profiles through social channels. Can something else save time better than this? The recruiters get the edge by saving lots of time in viewing saved searched for later use.

  1. vRecruit

This app is one of the ideal hiring platforms for recruiters who want to virtually screen candidates. With the help of video interviews, organizations can acquire better quality of talent with much more ease and comfort. The app not just reduces the time spent in scheduling or coordinating with candidates, but also offers online, as well as, offline video solutions to potential candidates. Candidates can easily apply for jobs and have a better understanding about the firm with just a few clicks.

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