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Nothing can substitute the motivation and kick that coffee provides. For many people around the world, the aroma of fresh coffee is as integral as the air they breathe, to carry them through the day. It has been proven that coffee provides the necessary energy which makes many say “We are going to accomplish this today!” From reaching office on time and tackling tons of workload, a cup of coffee is the secret ingredient for many workers around the world.

A new study commissioned showed, just how many employees rely on a mind-cracking and eye-opening cup of strong coffee; nearly 43 percent of those surveyed claim that their productivity decreases without a cup of their favourite coffee. The survey also showed that for a majority, coffee has become a regular and vital part of their work day with over 63 percent of coffee-drinking workers who rink two cups or more each day, and a total of 28 percent drink three cups or more. Seeing the imperative pedestal that coffee holds in our lives, September 29 has been declared National Coffee Day in America in celebration of the beverage that fuels productivity worldwide.

Part of the job
Coffee though a popular choice of beverage for many, working in wide spectrum of professions, yet there are few careers where it has become an absolute necessity. In the survey conducted, many workers who stated that their productivity decreases without coffee were found ranging in several different professions but the careers where there were the highest numbers of workers who need coffee to get through the workday are as follows:

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1. Food preparation/service workers
2. Scientists
3. Sales representatives
4. Marketing/public relations professionals
5. Nurses / physician assistant
6. Writers/ Editors/media workers
7. Business executives
8. Teachers/instructors
9. Engineering technicians/support
10. IT managers/network administrators


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