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Landing your first job is a somewhat challenging task. As a job seeker you will have to put in a lot of efforts – only having the required degree or qualification is not enough.

As a fresh graduate you might not be sure as to what is right or what is wrong for you and needless to say, such job seekers often get intimated by the very thought of stepping into bigger corporates and facing the interview panel.

However, the first job search is a reality and one has to face it sometime or the other in their lives. So, how to go about during this phase and what should you do about it?

Some of the basic job search rule to land up with your first job are explained in the subsequent paragraphs:

Do remember to showcase your grades. Yes. As a first-time job seeker, it is a good thing to have your grades in place. You win half the battle if you have good grades. This is said because most employers continue to give some importance (if not a lot) to grade while hiring fresh graduates.

Networking is highly significant in modern times. Whether through social media or any other way, always remember to network with professionals in your circles. Senior from your college who are already placed in good organizations make good options to discuss your first job. Referrals can do wonders.

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Start working on your resume. As a first-time job seeker you will not have professional experience to showcase, but do remember to showcase other things such as any volunteering experience that you have taken up or a summer internship that you did during your first year of college.

Apart from the guidelines mentioned above, there are other ways that one needs to take care of while looking towards landing a first job. Observe the following the infographic to know more about top pointers to land up with your first job.

Job infographic

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