The community of hiring managers in every industry is just the same. They all are looking for certain aspects in their prospective candidates and are looking all around to find them. You might be great at something, but the question you have to ask yourself when you are looking for a job is –“Am I marketable?”

If you are fresh graduate or you are changing your industry there are certain global skills which work for job seekers across the globe for every industry. Whatever said, the basic to impress upon each hiring manager are not skills you are born with. You can very were acquire them by learning and hence tackling your way to that wonderful job you always wanted. Some of them are enlisted below for you-

Numerical Analysis
Organized talent, kept in neat numbers making for beautiful presentation. If you keep your work in bullets, all numbered well it puts a great impression on the manager. Moreover, if you can dig into the numbers and keep a detailed eye for insights, backing it up with statistics and facts it would add to the effect. This proves that you have an eye for understanding and gathering data into categories and make something of it. MOOCs (or Massive Open Online Courses) are a brilliant resource for learning data analysis. Another software which comes in handy if you know beforehand is Excel and knowing means, being proficient with it. This is required because most companies do not have the time to teach you these skills, and if you come prepackaged they would be encouraged to hire you.

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Creative Thinkers
Hiring managers always love to have innovators around. Even if it is a clerical job, innovators add to the company and this quality is a clearly a brilliant thing to possess. The creative skills cannot be acquired instantly, but reading, writing and being in some activities which enhance your brain can really do wonders for you. People who share new ideas spell excitement for the hiring managers, who work to get the best talent on the table and acquire them for their organization. Developing a creative confidence is the first step in being creative. The sooner you start, the better!

If you are employed by the company, it obvious that you will have to communicate with clients in-person, on phone, via mail or other forms of communication. The good part here is, if you are a great communicator it shall be apparent on your resume and during your interview. But if aren’t one then perhaps you will have to learn some tricks of the town to learn the communication strategy. The communication skills are the ones which just need a lot of practice to blossom. After they have, they are a force to reckon with. The greatest of communicators become so by taking feedback.

If you possess great skills and have all what it takes, but lack the most important virtue of it all, then my friend you seem to have lost it. Understanding the character and personality is always on the top agenda of any hiring manager. If you be humble about your work and your skills, if puts a great impression on them. Selling yourself, does not imply you be blunt about how awesome you are. It just means, that you need to employ subtleties to offer your work to the managers!

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