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It’s time for appraisal or you can say time to curb restlessness. The heart beats get higher several times a day with the thought of performance reviews. Some think if we should ask for a raise while some other thinks how to be prepared for the appraisal.

We understand what most of you are going through and ta-daaa… here we are with a complete guide for what you should do and what you shouldn’t during this appraisal season.

How to be prepared?

If you believe that you have been performing outstandingly, then compile all the documents with the figures and percentage for how you have been performing. If you have got appreciation notes or letters from clients or boss then put all the documents together. Make a presentation to convey how well you had performed during the year. Also, add why you are of a value and how you can make a difference in achieving company’s long term goals and objectives.

#CBAppraisaltip1 Its appraisal season and one thing to remember is that appraisals aren’t a once-a-year occurrence, but rather an on-going process.

Posted by CareerBuilder India on Saturday, March 28, 2015


Asking for a raise

Yes, you can obviously ask for a raise. However, be realistic with your appraisal expectations and do not sound greedy. Also, it isn’t always a monetary increment that you can ask for. There are other benefits as well that motivates a person such as rental allowance, a company car, or a prestigious title. And yes, be prepared to negotiate and compromise at some level.

#CBAppraisaltip3 Do have a couple of genuine reasons ready beforehand before doing this.

Posted by CareerBuilder India on Sunday, March 29, 2015

Here are certain things you need to take care of when asking for a raise.

  • Spend some time and learn negotiation skills, as that would help you while getting a raise.
  • Wait for the right time and it is when your value to the company is clear & high.
  • Arrange a face to face meeting with the concerned person. This is much better than sending an email.
  • Be positive, confident and talk politely. Start with how much you enjoy your job and talk about the learning that you have gained and then start with your presentation.


Handling Feedback

It is possible that you do not get expected response in the discussion. Don’t take it personally or let that affect you or your work. You must handle the feedback positively, as your boss might change his decision based on your attitude. Do not be rude in any case. Instead, ask your boss for how you can do your tasks differently.

#CBAppraisaltip2 Always have a smile on your face and accept everything in a positive manner.

Posted by CareerBuilder India on Saturday, March 28, 2015

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