It must have never occurred to most of you that, the subject lines of emails that you send everyday can be more productive. These tips will help you decrease the time you spend on the mail and increase the time you spend on doing work.

Say No to One Word Subject Lines

A word in the subject line does not give any idea whatsoever about the content of the email; it is equivalent to having a blank heading. To keep the email specific yet with some meaning, keep it more verbose on the subject line. Doing this makes it easier to search as the right keywords would be present in the subject line.

Bad Example- Meeting
Good Example- Meeting with Manager


Concise is The Key
Keeping subject lines to the point is very important. You might as well use some more words and convey through subject lines. People who use tablets or phones to view email on the go, can check their mail without opening it as the subject line would be precise.

Example 1- Meeting
Example 2- Meeting with Manager
Example 3- Meeting with manager at 2pm on Thursday.

The third option is the best option for conveying short and crisp messages which need to be read ASAP.

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Action Mails
Workplace emails are mostly action based, i.e. emails require some action which needs to be taken on the recipient’s part. These emails should start with a verb so that it carries some doing in its tone.

Example 1- Report
Example 2- Submit report at 6pm tomorrow.

The second example has all the ingredients of a great workplace email subject line; it is concise and has action word.
Another reason for using action words is that, workplace emails end up in the to-do-list of the recipient and it is always better to start it with an action word, which makes their task easier.


Prefixes and Abbreviations
Emails with ample prefixes and abbreviations contribute towards greater work efficiency. You need to introduce these short-forms to people in your office, so that nobody feels estranged. Once introduced, workers can start using it and increase their productivity.

URGENT- Submit file to boss. To convey a sense of urgency in the mail.
FYI (For Your Information) – Information in the mail usually has this in the subject line.
EOM (End of Message) – When the message is over in the subject line, you can end it with EOM so that the recipient understands that the body of the mail is blank.
NRN (No Reply Needed)– To cut unnecessary clutter, emails which are instruction based can end with NRN, so that the recipient understands that there is no reply needed from their part and they should get to work directly.


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These easy subject line rules once introduced in the office culture can tremendously increase the productivity of every employee and the team at large.

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