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Namrata Gill, Vice President – Human Resources at Mahindra & Mahindra talks to CareerBuilder India on what hiring managers need to add in their existing recruitment practises.

What is that one thing that recruiters should remember?

Recruitment people forget why our people joining them. They are not joining for the salary; everybody I interview is joining for a career. So, there is a difference between short term and a long term focus. In think, one thing that needs to significantly change in India is to bring a long term focus to recruitment. And when recruitment starts talking to two things, one is development opportunities and second is career that is when the shift will happen.

Your thoughts on Employer brand:

Second thing I want to talk about is employer brand, how recruitment proactively should build an employer brand.  It is not consistent, it is not the same throughout, so there is a lot of work, which we can do around recruitment building and employer brand in India and that I think will make all the difference.

What is young talent looking for?

We forget when we are hiring young talent that what is young talent looking for. I think young talent looks for three things, they look for freedom, they look for empowerment, & they look for choices. I think, that is the way to pitch young talent and if you are not pitching in their language, in their way, and in what they want, then we are not right.

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What do you think about Social Media?

One of the facts that has become is going to social media. One of the biggest things that we need to do is be authentic when creating an employer brand on social media. If we ever do it on inauthentic creation of employer branding, we would lose it on. So, authenticity needs to be build, reinforced and rebuilt when communicating anything on social media.

About Namrata Gill:

Describing herself as mother to one and mentor to many, Namrata Gill is an engineer turned human resources professional. Presently designated as Vice President – Human Resources at Mahindra and Mahindra in Mumbai, Maharashtra, she is responsible for handling capability building, talent management and organisational development functions for Mahindra automotive and farm equipment sectors. She has also worked with Philips and ITC InfoTech in the past, where she had been handling diverse roles.

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