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Present in India from last 6 years, MAN Trucks India Pvt Ltd is manufacturing heavy commercial vehicles & bus segments. Girish Shende, Head Human Resource talks about to CareerBuilder India on different aspects of hiring industry and lot more on recruiters as well as sourcing talent trends.


What is the difference between HR & Marketing?

I see a very close relation between HR & Marketing, because what does marketing finally do’s? Marketing finally deals with the customers, encourage customers to buy their products and as far as HR is concerned, HR is providing services to the people and even though they are your captive audience, still you need to go to them and sell your product rather services to the people. So, definitely I see a co-relation between HR & marketing.

What expectations do you have from the new government?

I think with the new Lok sabha coming into picture and new government coming in, I see that lot of investment & lot of growth is coming to the infrastructure field because what Modi Sarkar is talking about is basically growing the economy and economy actually rolls on infrastructure, so I think infrastructure is the industry I think, where you will see major recruitment or growth.

Is there any difference between HR trends now and 5 years back?

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If I look back around 5 years and the situation today, I see that the rate of change of Gen Y has reduced. May be because of last 2 years, lack of opportunities could be one of the reasons, but surely the rate of attrition has gone down in the last two years, particularly but yes in comparison to the other people, the older people Gen Y definitely has higher attrition, of course because of the opportunities that are available, the career aspirations and may a times due to mismatch of what Gen Y wants and what they are offered, so I think that’s the major area why there is attrition in Gen Y.

What are the things you look for while recruiting talent?

I think two or three major things that we should look for in the candidates are the skills, attitude, & the integrity. These are the three things, you need to look for in a candidate, rest all things can be of course taught but he has to come with his own skill set, he should have some USP of his own and then attitude because attitude is everything, attitude towards work, attitude towards colleagues, so that makes a lot of difference. So skills, attitude, & integrity are the three things one should look for in the candidates.

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About Girish Shende:

As a Head HR at MAN Trucks India, Girish Shende is leading HR functions and looks upto Change management, Merger & Accquisition and integration, Employee Relations, Policy formulation, field force management, Compensation and Benefits.

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