Imagine you are in 2032. You have just entered your office and you head straight to the cafeteria without bothering about your attendance. From the cafeteria you head to the table tennis room and spend a good two hours at the game. You enter your cabin, seat yourself on the bean bag and switch on the television that details you on your tasks and meetings scheduled for the day.

Once again, you head to the cafeteria, with your laptop and begin with your work. Yes, even some fifty years from now you will be required to work. Just that you will have a lot more freedom. Okay, so we may have exaggerated a bit while describing a job scene from 2032, but the point is that no one will be bugging you about work. Careerbuilder India brings you some trends from future to ponder upon. Let us begin with some of the jobs straight from the future:

What Could You Possibly Be Doing in the Future?

History has it that the industries that existed some hundred years back are still the same to a large extent. However, the face of these industries has undergone quite a lot of change. Take technology for example. With innovation having unleashed a digital upsurge, career like Mobile Application Development and cloud computing were conceived. If one were to write about jobs that could exist fifty years from now, the picture would be blurred. However, trend insights do give us a sneak peek into jobs that will be ten years from now.

1. Personal Investment Advisor: Just like a dress designer who gives you just what you want, in your size, a personal investment advisor will be responsible for designing the right investment offers and opportunities, cut out especially to suit your pockets.
2. Personal Fitness Consultant: The good thing about the future will be that almost everyone will have personal trainers and personal advisors. Second in line to your personal investment advisor will be a personal fitness consultant. Your own fitness consultant will be responsible to keep you fit and fine.
3. Psychiatrist: Given the pace and rate at which stress is taking a toll, it will soon be time that everyone would require a psychiatrist. Just like a personal fitness trainer who takes care of one’s physical health, a psychiatrist would be responsible for keeping one’s mental health in check.

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Your Work Week in the Future

Apart from some odd jobs that will be shaping up in the future, there will be a few more changes that could mean a whole lot to employees as well as employers. For example, shortening of work weeks. As per an online article, “employers may cut the standard workweek, say from 40 hours to 36 hours, a 10% reduction in work hours. Employers could also adopt policies such as offering workers paid sick leave. If this averaged five days a year, this would come to a reduction in hours of 2%….These policies would bring the US in line with the rest of the world. In other wealthy countries, paid vacation time is standard, with the average being close to five weeks a year.” What’s your take on that one?


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