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Congratulations! You have been selected for a new temporary position. Indeed there are mixed emotions engulfing your head from being apprehensive about the new role to being diffident about the thought that the job is a temporary one. Well, passed are the days when temporary workers did not have the opportunity to work permanently. With the budding need for versatile and outstanding performers, recruiters make temporary hires often to assess candidates’ skills. This gives a great chance to temporary candidates to make their job a permanent employment with some smart efforts.

Realize that, everything that is worth getting does not come easy, so does the approval for a permanent role. However, when you are keen not to settle for a temporary job, the mind begins to work in that direction. Therefore, all that we have in store is some smart tricks and tips that can open your way towards permanent employment.

Tips for Candidates to Create a Permanent Employment for Themselves

1. “Value your Temporary Job”

From the very first day regard the job as if it is a permanent position. Try not wasting your energy on thinking ‘what if it was a permanent role?’ and bring all your focus onto the tasks you have received. Take up the projects seriously and not for the sake of completing them in the interim period. The value you will give to the temporary job today, will in return bring the best value to your career in the longer haul.

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2. “Enthusiastically Live the Temporary Opportunity”

Regardless of the possibility that it isn’t your permanent employment, make the best of what you have got. Showcase your skills with quality work. Be selflessly enthusiastic and do not let those observing eye balls hamper your working style. Hiring managers always have that space for exceptional employees. So, make the most of this temporary job opportunity as a ladder to a permanent role. Whether your projects demand efforts, time, communication or anything else, give your heart and soul by bringing out the hidden enthusiasm inside you. This does not mean you can’t go for coffee breaks. All it means is to live the temporary opportunity like a permanent one.

3. “Show interest in the company, don’t overdo”

“Did the company just dispatch a new item?” “Is there an event coming up for which those creative banners are designed?” Has there been a variation in the monthly employee winner program? Show keen interest in the company and what all is happening around you. Do not sit with an “I do not care” attitude. However, also make a point not to over-react on anything that may reflect your desperateness to becoming a permanent employee. Passively express your desire to work on a permanent role but be moderate while choosing your actions.

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Furthermore, the tips enlisted underneath can increase your chances of converting your temporary job position into a permanent employment.

1. Strike on time. Ideally a couple of minutes early! Show your boss that you acknowledge your temporary position, seriously. Try avoiding taking extended smoke or coffee breaks.

2. Participation. Try not to get out of your workstation unless genuinely necessary. The greater part of terminations are for lack of participation and timeliness at work place.

3. Focus amid training. Take notes and ask questions as required. This indicates your employer that you are willing to learn. It is great to ask questions amid training. Provided, they are relevant!

4. “Silence is golden”. There are always people who dislike some or the other thing about the company, colleagues, bosses and managers, or even the entire management system. This can pull you towards office gossips as you are a new hire too. The tip to retain your position for a permanent role is being as silent as you can. Avoid giving any personal comments on topics that are irrelevant to your work. Be a silent observer.

A Thought That Will Help While Serving a Temporary Role

While it is certain that you do not want to express that you are not comfortable serving an interim role, it is crucial to live the role mindfully rather being lousy about it. For this, take up the temporary role as a learning opportunity. Be open to every kind of feedback. It will demonstrate your commitment to the job. Maintain poise while making consistent efforts towards converting your existing role into a permanent one. However, do not forget one thing – companies want inspiring leaders. And, how you execute the above tips can really make a difference.

Stay Positive!

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