How to Answer - Tell me About Yourself-How to Answer - Tell me About Yourself-

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Despite being an experienced job seeker, appearing in an interview is probably a bewildering situation for you. Laying stress upon the expected interview questions can be a brain-aching state. On the other hand, if you don’t prepare for it, you might not be able to give the best in the interviews. Above all, a little homework would ease the confusion about ‘what to answer’ and ‘how to answer.’ We never know the exact interview questions, but we can prepare for the questions which interviewers often ask.

One of them is – “Tell me about yourself.”

This question seems easy to answer, but it can make you sweat when you haven’t prepared for it professionally. What should you answer, not just to establish a better communication, but to convince the interviewer that you are a perfect fit for the job?

Don’t worry; you can create a great impact by following a super tip mentioned below. Before you know the simplest advice ever, you should be aware that this specific question doesn’t invite you to recite your life’s journey, or how you struggled to become successful in your career, or a recent tragedy. Instead, it’s an excellent opportunity to tell the recruiter why you are the right candidate for the job.

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The Smart Trick!

The idea is to follow the method of combining ‘Present-Past-Future’ in your answer. Therefore, first, you should start with where you are working right now and what is your responsibilities in the current organization. Then, add a little detail about your past experiences gained at the previous jobs. Subsequently, add the silver lining at the end by telling them about your future goals and how you find the company will be helpful in achieving the same. Also, to answer better about the future, say how you are excited about this particular opportunity.

The following example would guide you better:

“I am working with XYZ consultancy as a content strategist, where I create concepts for marketing purposes. Before that, I worked as a copywriter at a digital agency where I worked on various brands such as ……. And while I am enjoying my current role, I would love to dig out some better opportunity working with an ad agency like you where I believe my creativity can meet the desired support. Which is why I am excited about this opportunity.”

Remember, you should focus on the skills and experiences you have while combining the Present, Past, and Future. It would be the most relevant answer you can give to the hiring manager. Good luck!

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