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In our previous post on Confluence, the company offsite, we exclusively covered the events and the activities that comprised the whole affair. In this particular post, we will focus on the lessons that we learnt from the whole 3-days’ experience.

All the employees of CB Team India were divided into six Living Groups and were given certain tasks to complete. The unique aspect of the Living Groups was that; members were geographically dispersed. They had to coordinate with each other and then come up with their power point presentations, in the first task.

In the second task, the Living Groups were given an impromptu assignment where they had to pose as CEOs and CFOs of the company and come up with a concrete business plan that can yield substantial revenue for CB.

In the last activity, i.e. the Kerala style boat race, backwater cruise, the six Living Groups were clubbed into two and they participated in a boat race relay.

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Team Building Lessons

Needless to say that, these tasks enabled all of them to take home some or the other life and corporate lessons. Let’s take a look at some of the important team building lessons learnt from Confluence 2016.

#1. Leadership, trust and empowerment

Working together in a remote team set up demands good leadership skills. Trust is another major factor that binds the members together and the liberty to work individually empowers each one of them.

  • Tips for implementation: Trust your team members as a leader and learn to empower them with your leadership qualities. As a leader, have faith and regard for them. The task will be automatically get executed.
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#2. Sense of responsibility

Another important lesson learnt is, individual sense of responsibility of each team member. Since each one had to contribute something or the other, members ended up developing a solid sense of responsibility towards the duties that they had to perform.

  • Tips for implementation: If you develop a sense of responsibility towards work, you are bound to taste success. Every professional, whether an executive or a senior manager, must have a sense of responsibility and learn to be accountable for his or her work.

#3. Effective collaboration and communication

The foremost corporate team building lessons learnt from the overall activity was effective collaboration and communication as a team. Since the team members were geographically dispersed they had to collaborate in an effective manner and communicate in the most innovative ways possible. Needless to say that, members learnt how, effective collaboration as well as communication with teammates divided by geographical boundaries, can bind together for a common goal.

  • Tips for implementation: Collaboration and clear communication is essential in order to execute tasks at workplace, especially while working in a team. If communication is not clear, members will fail to collaborate properly and eventually the results would not be up to the mark.

#4. Team coordination


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The activities demanded immense coordination between the team members and this was definitely one of the best lessons. If there is proper coordination between every team member, the end result will be successful.

  • Tips for implementation: Whether you are a team leader or just a member, always remember to involve everyone and coordinate with them. If you succeed in proper coordination, you will be victorious.

#5. Adaptability is essential

Working in a diverse team with members belonging to different backgrounds, personalities and opinions, makes for a challenging environment. Working in such an environment definitely requires adaptability, especially on the leader’s part, who has to ensure that encourages everyone to participate and values each member.

  • Tips for implementation: The professional world is full of uncertainties. Embracing uncertainties demand adaptability to a great extent. The more adaptable you are to situations, more you will be able to discover your potentials.

#6. Pressure is actually a good thing

When some pressure is put on a group, however arbitrary, it helps motivate and focus strongly on getting a work done faster. The sense of urgency often sees more creative ideas flowing in because there is no luxury time to brainstorm.

  • Tips for implementation: Well, while only managers can execute this task, team members must take up pressure as a challenge and put in their very best at work. Pressure can often bring out the best in an employee.
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#7. Working in sync with others

boat race

Working in sync with others matters a lot in such activities and it is one of the most critical team building lessons. For example, when you are rowing a boat with six other people, you have to do it in sync with them in order to keep up the momentum. And in order to achieve proper synchronization, you have to pay attention as well. This is how you will be able to execute a group task.

  • Tips for implementation: While you are working on a project together, try to be in sync with everyone else. Observe what others are doing and how they are doing. Learn from others and then implement those learning accordingly.

On a last note, it can be said that all the team building lessons learnt during the course of every activity, ultimately percolate down to our workplace. We have to implement the skills of coordination, communication, effective leadership, responsibility and of course trust. We need to ensure that all of the above are in sync; it only then that we will not only be able to perform as a team, but also ensure fruitful results.

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