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In today’s competitive war for talent, it is just as significant for the organization to make a lasting impression on candidates as it is for the applicants to impress the hiring managers. The stakes are higher than ever with businesses focused on hiring only the best & the brightest and retaining valuable employees.

To that end, talent acquisition leaders are re-examining the recruiting process – from sourcing candidates through multiple channels (social media, job boards & vendors, etc.) to integrating sophisticated new Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) – to ensure that qualified applicants do not get lost in the shuffle.

Why do HR Leaders think that modifying applicant tracking system can enhance candidate experience?

It is no secret that to drive better results; organizations need to find and hire the right people. Simultaneously, business enterprises need to stand out from the competition by creating their organization a place where quality people want to work.

Now, a million dollar question is – what companies are doing to make themselves more attractive to candidates?

It is apparent; Human Resource Department cannot pragmatically expect to respond personally to every resume. Talent Acquisition leaders say making a few effectual amendments to an organization’s ATS (Applicant Tracking System) can go a long way in creating a better experience for both the candidate and the recruiter. In other words, employers of the 21st century need more than just an ATS to achieve higher Return on Investment (ROI).

Employers cannot afford to ignore the need for “Candidate Experience” in the modern work world.

Industry experts say, refining the candidate experience has become a top concern in recent years for obvious reasons. Among all, a top reason – candidate experience needs to be boosted, and employer branding must be revamped – “workers high in demand often have their preference among multiple opportunities”.  Hence, a good candidate experience will foster an early preference for one job over another, which provide organizations an upper hand in the competition.

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Expand your horizon, think beyond Applicant Tracking System

The foremost purpose of Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is to assist companies to organize and monitor resumes. However, Talentstream Recruit is not limited to resume monitoring and management. It is a software that can also be used to escalate transparency in the application process and to create a pipeline of a quality workforce.

An introduction to Talentstream Recruit

Talentstream Recruit is a part of Talentstream Technologies Suite of Solutions, which is packed with remarkable features and technologies. It provides you streamlined and clean experience that can make your recruitment process better & faster.

Hiring Talent Faster Than Competition

It empowers to systematize your recruiting actions with critical business functionality. At CareerBuilder, we understand what it takes to find, hire and retain the top talent.

To accomplish these requisites, you need a candidate management software that bridges the intricacy of the recruitment process and optimizes it for both candidates and recruiters.

What makes Talentstream Recruit better than conventional Applicant Tracking System?

CareerBuilder’s Talentstream Recruit aim to meet the needs of all organizations, whether they operate in one or multiple geographical organizations. We bring you a recruitment software that streamlines your hiring process for everyone involved – executives, hiring managers, candidates and recruiters.

1. Automated Workflows & Integration

Save time and streamline communication between recruiters, hiring managers and job candidates with Talentstream Recruit – that integrates seamlessly with internal or third party systems.

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2. Employer-Branded Candidate Experience

Leverage the power of inbuilt smart career site seamlessly integrated to your social channels and company website to enhance the candidate experience. It also gives you an opportunity to find candidates already in your database.

3. Web Based Innovation

Get your message out to the right candidates, gain efficiency and control costs with our easy to configure SaaS (Software as a Service) solution.

4. Job Distribution

Advertise your open job positions to multiple job boards, professional networks and social media channels in just a few clicks with Broadbean Job Distribution feature.

5. One Click Access to Customized Reports

Leverage the Talentstream Recruit’s intuitive interface that places every metric, action and report a click or less away.

6. Simplify and Expedite your hiring process

Talentstream Recruit’s pre-screening tools enable recruiters and managers run a search scan through candidate’s skill sets, job qualifications, and cultural fit before making an offer.

7. Expand your sourcing prospects on multiple social channels

Quickly upload candidate’s profile from professional social networks like LinkedIn. Subsequently, search and screen candidates with an ease and quickly find most relevant resumes for open positions.

8. Quantify your recruitment spend

Talentstream Recruit empowers you to identify easily which sources provide better ROI (Return on Investment) on your recruitment spend. On one dashboard access and analyze the performance of your sources.

Take an in-depth look at Talentstream Recruit Sales Sheet.

Talentstream Recruit is more than a typical Applicant Tracking System (ATS). It empowers hiring managers and recruiters with all intuitive and innovative tools to advertise (job openings), attract (talent), integrate and hire more efficiently.

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