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Hours of searching, consistent attempts to find candidates and yet it is challenging to drive the best fit for your business. Indeed, finding the best candidates is hard and keeping them re-engaged is even trickier. Thanks to Talentstream Engage! A thought-out, automated platform that fixes all your recruitment issues and engages the right potential candidates at the same time.

Talentstream Engage, by using its robust technology to connect with new and existing candidates decreases all your tedious efforts that have had been making your recruiting job prolonged and ineffective. By systematizing the entire process of finding the best fit, Talentstream Engage ensures that recruiters enjoy their task of finding, engaging, re-engaging and recruiting in a faster and efficient way.

The solution not just eases the job of recruiters but also allows candidates to join the network in as little as two clicks. Hence, making the search, apply, finding the best job, easier for candidates. All they need to do is, join the community and they are updated, with the automated messages, e-mail alerts and everything associated with renewed job opportunities.

What is Talentstream Engage Exactly?

Talentstream Engage is a smart career site that one can setup as a career website for the company. A host of activities like posting open positions, sending weekly or monthly newsletters, automated targeted alerts, can be executed with very minimal efforts.  . This recruitment SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) platform transforms the lengthy process of reaching out & fetching external candidates and keeping them updated with the company updates 24*7. Therefore, wherever the recruiters are – on phone, travel or at vacation, Talentstream Engage is working for them.

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Talentstream Engage– for Recruiters  

  • Capture candidates with Limited drop offs

Talentstream Engage creates your own talent pool of interested candidates & reduces the entire hassle of searching for them from multiple resources. .Most of these candidates would have reached your company website, researched about it and would be interested in exploring to work with your organization. Once they are joining your talent network, they would like to complete the process leaving very little chance of a drop-off.

  • Create a new pool of talent

Talentstream Engage paves a gateway to a comprehensive talent pool, where in, job seekers can get access to your job postings. These job postings can be available on multiple online platforms, allowing more candidates to discover your jobs and get engaged at the time when relevant job openings would be shared with them.

  • Directing Candidates via ‘Join’ Button

Talentstream Engage’s portable “Join” button enables recruiters to extend their reach on all digital assets of the company and facilitates job seekers to connect with your career site in just one click from any online platform- social media, email, career site.

  • Pipeline talent through exposure and engagement

Today’s applicants prefer more engagement from potential employers. Talentstream Engage makes it all easier and effortless. Once live, they receive targeted job alerts, giving an opportunity to recruiters to identify the best fit from the interested applicants

 Recruiters can get insights from Key Metrics

  • Track of visitor activity
  • Talentstream Engage members based on their job type & region
  • Job views, searches, application
  • Overview of applicants activity
  • Members’ profiles compared to job composition based on occupation
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Create a Pool of Best Talent

Research study says that nearly 85% of job applicants prefer a convenient way to connect with your organization. At this juncture, a smart career site equipped with features including multiple job postings, candidate engagement and flexibility to publish jobs in 30 global languages is the ideal way to connect with the right pool of talent. Talentstream Engage is known for its fast automation that makes your recruiting job time and cost effective.

Location is ‘Not the problem’ for Talentstream Engage

Regardless of where you are, on phone, or on vacation; the smart software is working for you 24*7. Therefore, Talentstream Engage not only aids the recruiters expand their reach to the desired talent but also reduces the sourcing cost by fractions. Candidates can be reached out in multiple cities without investing in a framework for a specific location.

 Talentstream Engage is a ‘must have’ if Recruiters Want to pursue the following:

  • Build a Strong Pipeline

Recruiters can reach out to a large pool of talent by increasing the exposure for candidates to most job openings on multiple platforms, including social media so that more active jobseekers become aware of postings. For job seekers who want to apply, Talentstream Engage helps recruiters to re-engage them by relevant job alerts.

“All job seekers do not plan to apply right away. They apply when the right opportunity pops up.”

Remember, nearly 85 percent of job seekers would be interested in joining a talent network even if they were not even prepared to apply.

  • Market to Existing Pool of Talent
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With Talent Stream Engage, interested candidates can receive specific job alerts when new job are posted. That means, recruiters can always market to their potential candidates.

  • Reduce Applicant Drop-Off

With an option to drop in resumes, recruiters can reduce their applicants drop-off by 95 percent by offering a smart and quick way to connect with them. Joining the site is just two clicks away! With Talentstream Engage, interested job seekers can connect with your talent pool in as little as two clicks.

             “Remember, over 70 percent of candidates will also leave a resume.”

  • Empower Interested Job Seekers to Apply

To the already interested candidates, recruiters can engage, and re-engage from their mobile devices, as a means of empowering them to finally apply for the job position. Talentstream Engage makes it all easier and faster!

So, Which Problems Talentstream Engage Addresses For You?  

  • Candidate Engagement
  • Candidate Awareness
  • Optimized Virtual Presence

Candidate Search & Engagement Made Easy with Talentstream Engage

Whether you are a recruiter or a hiring manager, say, ‘good-bye’ to the multiple on-ground issues to find the right fit. Talentstream Engage will revamp your recruitment strategy that will address all your everyday challenges, while facilitating you with an automated platform for your candidate search and engagement. Get in touch with CareerBuilder talent advisor for more details on Talentstream Engage.

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