Talent Management

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Talent Management has evolved as a latest HR trend in the recent era. While, the stats reveal there is only 49% employee engagement, 39% developing leaders, 34% hiring the best candidates,   there is lack of integration of HR tools employed by HR leaders. If we go by the stats, 37% companies do not have technical integration for hiring talent and 62% have only some level of integration. Due to this lack of non-integrated systems devised by HR workforce, the end result is ultimately wrong hiring decisions, poor employee performance and similar. At this juncture, right management of talent is essential.

Therefore, employers, recruiters, HR managers and leaders need are advised to employ the best talent management practices this year. Some of the core talent management practices include creating an effective talent pool, justifying the bell curve model, creating a pay-for-performance culture, having a succession plan and so on. All these strategies have been perfectly described in the infographic.

We value our readers’ precious time and hence we have created this visually-appealing infographic that caters all the best practices for talent management. The best part about this graphically-represented data is the information is accurate, crisp and well-defined for our industry leaders.

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Talent Management
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