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There are 7 billion people in the world. Each one is talented in its own way. Problem comes when a Talent acquisition professional is given a job to acquire a specific talent. First task is to create a talent pool for the desired talent. In last century, creating talent pool itself was a tedious job. Most of the time and energy was spent in getting the relevant profiles. Once you find some profiles, then selection and closures were easy. Life was still simple without technology. Internet gave way to the first technological development for HR Industry – Job portals.

Primitive HR systems are not given the credit of being the first HR systems because they were never developed for HR, they were developed for accounting.  However Job portals showed the way to organizations to build their own talent websites digitizing the process of application to offering contract to the candidate. These web based systems attracted lot of unusable talent. In light of this, Talent Acquisition became a marketing function. Branding and talent market positioning became the key part of Talent Acquisition role. Still talent websites were not able to match job portals because databases of job portals were much richer. Water finds the easiest path to flow.

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Role of Technology in Talent Acquisition

As we stepped in this century, social media changed the face of technology. Social media matured and took the shine away from Job portals. Creating pool of people with specific talent became easy. Search on a professional social media site and your talent pool is ready. Social media has improved the reach and diversity that one can search for best talent across the globe. Now there are more choices.

Choices often complicate the problem. One complication is huge volume of applications. Additionally, not everything that glitters is gold. In simple words, not every resumes is genuine. One has to decipher the real talent. This has become as tedious as finding a needle in the haystack. Magnet is needed to separate needle from the haystack. We know that needle is made of iron and it is proven that needle gets attracted to the magnet. Magnet that separates talent from the haystack is yet to be discovered. Industry has been relying on traditional subjective methods. Technology is working with Talent Acquisition professionals on the science of building near perfect talent assessment tool (magnet) for finding the desired talent.

Assessment fever is going to be there for some time. Assessments will come in different shapes and forms, bundled with very creative and innovative ideas. These interesting ideas include recommendations portal, references portal, third party assessment portal, Expert Assessment portal, Crowd assessment portal, techno-psycho-functional tests, video resumes and online assessments. They will mature in near future and make assessment tools more objective and reliable.

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The next wave is going to be app wave which will force job portals and assessment tools to go app way. This will be followed by talent websites of organizations to create their apps for candidates. Value will be created when entire recruitment process will go mobile using apps not only for candidates but also for all the stakeholders in the process. It is not going to be easy because it needs culture change. Of course business will have to change its way of working to define its positioning in the talent market. It will need HR to transform itself because Charity begins at home.


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