Talent Acquisition Strategies

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Serving more than six million customers in Singapore consistently, McDonald’s has framed the ‘McFamily’ of 9,000 employees, out of which 30% are mature employees. Besides their unique talent acquisition strategies, in managing such a diverse workforce, which includes people with over 50 years of age as well, the fast food brand has proven how strongly it believes in giving an ideal work culture to all its employees regardless of their age.

According to Lynn Hong, the Director of Human Resources at McDonald’s, “Retraining the mature employees is one of our top talent acquisition strategies as it is only them who can mentor the younger ones about the implementation of various operations, in which the mature employees hold wealth of experience. We have created strategies to make the workplace inviting for the mature workforce, which includes graphics and visuals in the kitchen environment, where in they need to show up their capacities.”

The management at McDonald’s has trained the mature staff through various measures. An age specific amigo system is set up where in the young, or new employees have someone to approach for everyday questions. There is a permitted breaks facility that can be gained amid the working shifts so as to ensure the workforce stays productive and enthusiastic at the same time.

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By retraining the mature employees, McDonald allows them to pace themselves at work and address their individual challenges, while evolving out of them victorious. Moreover, the team at McDonald’s focuses at preparing managers about how they should deal with older employees who might be facing challenges of confidence, job insecurity, treatment from younger staff etc.

Furthermore, the organization has set up a retirement plan for seasoned employees in Singapore (over 50), so that they can afford the high premium rates as they grow in age. With lesser work days, flexible work schedules, McDonald’s has outperformed in engaging all its employees, while delivering success without fail.

With an in-depth research over the McDonald’s story, CareerBuilder has gathered some great learnings as Talent Acquisition Strategies for HR to attract, engage and retain the mature employees of their organization:

1. Retrain

Give mature employees a targeted task to keep their skills and learning up and coming and in accordance with that of younger employees.

Justified appraisal system: Provide an opportunity for employees over 60 to recognize their strengths and weaknesses and encourage any change, if required on job processes.

2. Mentorship

Assign experienced employees to guide and prepare new colleagues the art of great service culture to customers.

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3. Redesign processes

Actualize tactics to help make the workplace inviting for experienced employees, such as using visuals and graphics in training guides.

4. Adaptability

Align various flexible work schedules to enable employees with age can pace themselves at work and fight their own challenges.

5. Remunerate properly

Offer retirement plans and job security benefits as a reason to stay.

6. Prepare managers

Train managers about how they must deal with mature colleagues and how a positive work culture can be created.

Talent acquisition strategies are always on the mind of hiring managers. However, what they fail to realize is the value of old, mature and experienced candidates who hold the strength to uplift the core values of an organization by preparing new leaders. Bridging the age gap must be on the top list of recruiters now while scouting the best talent and engaging the mature workforce must be one of the paramount employee retention, and employee engagement strategies to retain them for a longer haul.

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