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The job description for a Talent Acquisition Specialist is quite new as the industry is bombarded with titles such as hiring managers, recruiters, HR leaders, interviewers and so on. Ideally, the role of a talent acquisition specialist embraces the entire process of finding, attracting, interviewing and recruiting top talent. The specialist is like a package of multiple functions packed under one title.

Corporate recruiting has hence indeed come a long way with evolution in job titles and roles where a name change can play a major role in the industry. So, like earlier when a hiring manager would mean the one who hires candidates, a talent acquisition specialists as the name suggests would mean the one who focuses on acquiring top talent. With this new title in the recruitment industry, the scope of job opportunities for candidates in the HR field has also equally broadened.

Today’s Talent Acquisition Managers are responsible for branding campaigns, job marketing initiatives, launching employee referral programs, to build employee engagement and employee retention strategies. The broad set of responsibilities which fall under the title of a TA specialist is far different from the recruiter’s job we have witnessed in the past.
Key Roles & Duties of Talent Acquisition Specialist

There are a multitude of functions and duties which a TA specialist needs to perform;
  • He has to work with the internal team of hiring personnel to assist with the recruitment process.
  • He has to create an ideal recruitment strategy including analyzing recruitment marketing platforms, evaluating job posting optimization, planning recruitment campaigns and idealizing how to improve the talent pipeline.
  • He has to determine the future needs of potential talent and proactively source candidates through social engagement.
  • He has to overlook as well as, manage the recruitment life-cycle, no matter how much time it takes.
  • He has to convince shortlisted candidate on corporate perks, salary package, and work culture.
  • He has to guide the HR professionals and to hire managers with every set of employment data that may help them to enhance their hiring efforts in regards to top talent search, development, and attraction.
  • He has to devise social channels, job boards, and latest recruitment software like applicant tracking system, to source and attract the remotest of candidates.
  • He has to be a great speaker at college recruiting campaigns.
  • He has to participate in job fairs, HR tech events, career guidance seminars.
  • He must create a career site to track applicants and engage them about future job vacancies.
  • He has to build and foster relationships with temporary staffing agencies, recruitment process outsourcing companies to procure talent at the time of emergencies or to handover some portion of the recruitment tasks.
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Talent Acquisition Specialists represent a valuable role in the organization. Their efforts when put into the right direction lead to procurement of top talent, which is an asset for the business. From sourcing to engaging and retaining them requires plenty of skills and experience in the domain.

For experienced candidates, the TA role is adventurous as there is a lot to do and the specialist never goes into the zone of boredom. This is because, the function of a Talent Acquisition Specialist does not cease with just onboarding of new employees but goes far in identifying talent demands, enhancing employer brand, introducing innovative talent search strategies, and more.

A Talent Acquisition Specialist does not require a particular certificate or degree to perform this role. The one who has experience in thorough recruiting, proficient in social media engagement, knowledge of latest hiring tools and software, an innovative and strategic thinking, hands-on experience in sourcing, employer branding and recruiting can enhance his role as a Talent Acquisition Manager, Leader or Specialist.

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