Why Should People Join Your Startup?

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Convincing people to do something new can be a difficult task, especially to join a start-up. However, the idea is not impossible either, if you use the appropriate tactics. The following post takes a quick look at why the best talent in marketplace should join your start up. Read on to know more.

Starting off on your own has its own challenges. How you take these challenges completely reflects upon how you actually polish yourself into becoming a better entrepreneur. There will be a plethora of situations to handle which needs to be addressed with tried and tested ways to get the best results. Initially, there could be issues with finding the right investor and later while you may have capital, there could be other challenges like hiring the right people. Yes; finding and reeling in the right talent in the team can be a daunting task. Convincing people to leave their stable jobs and joining a start-up is just not easy.  If you know what drives a person and how his skills can be of use you may create an environment which attracts the best of the best and you are bound to succeed in convincing people. Here’s how to do it.

6 Strategies to attract talent for your startup

  1. Making a Dream come True

You have a dream and you have realized it. You have launched a start-up and now it is time for you to build a team. How do you do that? Selling the dream is the first step towards convincing people to join a start-up. No one can convey the driving reason for a start-up’s existence better than its founders. If you want someone already working in a comfortable position to leave his or her job and join your start-up, you have to be able to communicate things in a great way. You have to be able to market your company’s market opportunity, unique strengths and financial prospects in the best possible way.

  1. Ample Opportunity to Make Significant Contributions

While jobs in bigger corporations imply better salary, stability and security, it also involves corporate ladder and narrowly focused job descriptions. On the other hand, working for a startup implies that one can dabble into a lot of activities. As an owner you will have to indulge in several deeds – right from budgeting to taking care of the salary disbursements and related issues. Similarly, an employee is also entitled to dawn multiple hats and manage multiple aspects of the business while working for a start-up.

Why Should People Join Your Startup?

So, when you are looking to hire candidates for a startup, do remember to mention what you can offer in terms of their professional growth. Also what you will expect them to contribute to the team and build out their role in the company. This may entail that talking to the candidate about what would his or her team might look like gradually down the road. Discussing about what other skills he or she is willing to utilize and learn at the same time.

  1. The Scope to Build Something Meaningful and unconventional

A major enthusiasm about launching or joining a start-up is to build something out of nothing. Those who have the drive and the motivation in them to construct a proper building from a few blocks, are absolutely fit to work in a start-up environment.

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As an entrepreneur, goals of you company might not be altruistic in nature, however, but encourage people to contribute and make them feel excited as to what you are building upon. Once they are convinced that they would be able to build and contribute towards something more meaningful, something that enhances their professional skills, they would be automatically interested in trying new opportunities.

  1. It’s a Good Opportunity to Make Money

Well, this might sound a little tricky but one can make substantial amount of money even while working for a startup. As an employer, you might not be able to offer a huge pay package to your employees, but what you can do is give stock options. Conceding stock options essentially means that your employees will have the opportunity to own a portion of the company when it starts making profit. In a successful start-up, the potential financial upside that comes from stock options can far outweigh the low base salary in most organizations.

Take for example the case of Facebook. When its IPO was oversubscribed multiple times, more than 100 employees turned millionaires, overnight. While these cases may be rare, but they keep the dream alive and act as motivational force for several jobseekers to join startups.

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So, while making an offer remember to combine salary along with stock options.

  1. A Great Team and Company Culture

Professionals spend maximum waking hours at their workplace. So, it is very important to give them a great work culture. If they know that they are surrounded by great and smart people all around, it will make huge difference in their way thinking and acting towards their approach to work. While great teams can be found in most companies, do remember to show off yours during the interview process—it is much easier. Go out for team lunches or coffee breaks with your team. These work as wonderful motivational factors to a great extent—for both the employer and the employee.

  1. A Bright Future to Look At

When you speak about the future with a lot of confidence, people are bound to feel convinced. This will give the impression that you as an entrepreneur are serious about the future of your startup and you have plans to carry it forward. Use of words like “will” and “we “are definitive and much better than ‘shall’ and ‘me’. These will help you create a sense of belongingness and unity. However, make sure that you do not sound too pushy here. Lay down and share the future plans of the company.

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The Last Words

Starting off on your own is actually a great idea that requires a lot of courage and passion. At the same time building a team of your own can be demanding. Understand that convincing people to work for a start-up will not come easy. While some have been successful, others have failed miserably in this kind of an endeavor. So, it can be a little difficult to persuade people to join your startup. However, if you follow the above-mentioned tips, then you can succeed to a considerable extent.

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