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CareerBuilder India thanks all the invites, speakers and attendees to be a part of Talent Acquisition Conclave 2015 – Mumbai Edition.


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#TAC2015 - Mumbai Edition





We appreciate your taking out time for your valued feedback in the Talent management and acquisition Conclave. These are a couple of photos while you shared your time with us.

The job of a HR is much more complex than it seems. It’s a role that not just revolves around hiring but there are many more things, a HR needs to handle. From taking care of the employee issues, policies, interviews, resolving matters and so on, they find very little or no time to concentrate on job postings and resume selection. As hiring process is becoming more and more process oriented than ever, HRs are finding themselves struggling to acquire high potential and top-performers. These are some of the reasons many companies are re-evaluating their traditional talent acquisition process.

Every year organizations are embracing new technologies just to be one step ahead of their competitors and to deliver better product and services to their customers. However, in this progressive scenario recruitment leaders loose their focus on desired skill sets to fill the capability gap between technology and employee learning and development.

In the past, there were enough handful HR policies to have had better talent acquisition, management, employee engagement and retention. This happens due to the fact, people in those time had limited career options that made them committed to one organization. Hence, HR managers do not see the significance of innovating their HR policies in those times.

Nowadays, organizations moving forward with technology advancements but unable to match their progressive thinking with required skill sets, i.e. inability to hire the right person for right job. Henceforth, a capability gap has widened at different HR levels.

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