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Industries around us are being disrupted. Old businesses are making way for the new. Whether it is AirBnB disrupting hotels worldwide or Paytm changing the way we transact with money today; there is disruption everywhere. The only way to sustain in this competitive environment is to transform and evolve. The primary lever of delivering outstanding transformation is talent. And as talent acquisition and HR professionals, it is imperative that we hire the talent that’s best suited to transform our business. Transformation is happening in our world too. The workforce is multi-generational and the way we cater to our audience has changed immeasurably.

In this article, I will share a glimpse of how talent acquisition is transforming and what lies ahead.

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1. Employee Engagement

Employee lifecycle in an organization is getting shorter. According to a study by Gallup, job hopping is now fairly established as the new trend. In fact, millennials are the job-hopping generation. The study also shows that this job hopping phenomena is directly proportional to their engagement level in the organization. And today, millennials are the least engaged generation in any organization. The interesting part is money isn’t their top motivator to work nor is job security. They care more about recognition, job satisfaction, growth and learning opportunities.

To retain this job-hopping generation, it is important to have a clear, well-planned employee engagement strategy. We need to give up on the traditional methods like annual performance reviews and move towards a continuous feedback mechanism. Employees care about job satisfaction so it matters when we recognize them for their work, celebrate the successes and share failures with them. Sharing the larger picture, like company goals keeps them aligned to the organization’s culture. A healthy culture drives engagement and delight.


As HR professionals, we often segregate employee engagement from hiring. But, employee engagement is the future of smart talent acquisition. Not only does it help in improving retention but it also affects other aspects of recruitment like employer branding and hiring through employee referrals.

2. Gamification

We are hiring a generation that has played more video games than any other. Take for instance the latest sensation, Pokémon Go. It broke the internet within a week of its launch. The success of the game added $7.5 billion to Nintendo’s market value. Pokémon Go proves that gamification, when designed well, drives strong human behaviour. This strong user behaviour leads to measurable business outcomes.

To achieve business results, we need to leverage and apply elements of game playing (point scoring, competition, badges, etc.) to the processes of HR and recruitment. Use it to engage your employees. Blend it with different learning and development activities to increase participation. Encourage competition between employees and have them give their best shot at everything they do.

You can also use gamification to attract and engage candidates. Run coding competitions, hackathons, assessments for a particular role. It is not easy to assess each candidate and such processes eliminate junk while keeping top talent engaged. A gamified hiring process makes employers more attractive in the eyes of job seekers. Take in consideration the competitions organised on DoSelect’s Hackathon pages or Directi’s CodeChef. Their monthly competitions help companies get more exposure and acquire fresh talent.

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Ultimately, gamification taps into the competitive fire that we all have. Use it to your advantage. Gamify, attract, hire, engage and retain top talent.

3. Employee Referrals

Employee referrals are one of our best channels to hire top talent. Employee referrals rely on word of mouth and word of mouth is powerful. It gives you the ability to distribute your jobs on social media. Leverage your employee’s networks for improving the distribution of your employer brand. Having employees advocate your brand and help you find and hire top talent makes our lives as talent acquisition professionals easier.

With the advent of smartphones, hiring and referral is increasingly moving to mobile and powered by viral and social media, so one should leverage solutions that understand and can help the talent acquisition team profit from this new normal.

Employee referral systems are fairly mainstream today and social to make the activity fun for your employees.

4. Technology

As talent acquisition professionals, we are expected to be effective multi-taskers. We are expected to be copywriters and write impressive job descriptions. We are told to adapt marketing skills to showcase our brand online. This is on top of being effective sales folks to engage a prospect and convert them to a hire. That is a lot of skills to pick up.

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Technology can help ease your burden in several aspects of talent acquisition. It can create a visible talent brand online to help candidates find and apply for jobs. You can use technology to share open positions on different social networks and attract candidates. Given that the whole world is online today, social is your biggest crowdsourcing platform to attract candidates.

The key to converting top talent is a good candidate experience. Technology can keep your talent pool engaged by giving them a glimpse of your culture. It can help you share content that interests their role. In fact, technology can be used to reinforce consistent communication and showcase a personality online. This way you not only leave a good first impression but have the means to build lasting relationships.

To summarize, transformation in Talent Acquisition practices is inevitable. We have two options as professionals in front of us. Watch the transformation occur as bystanders and become redundant or be the change makers for our organizations, lead the way and drive this change.

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