No matter how much you like or love your job, there are always conversations which are tough to handle. However, all can go well if you take care of simple things while initiating these talks. Remember, back-tracking is just not the way out.

The Talk About The Raise
This is a talk which most of us come across; it needs to be tackled with one thing- Balance. Let not your emotional insecurities get better of you, while you get talking about the most important thing that matters to you at the workplace. Stick to a tone which is neutral and matter-of-factly, leave all traces of emotion behind while you are talking about your income potential and market value. Just go sell your worth!

The Stress Shout Talk
Believe it or not, we understand bosses are made of volatile material. In times of stress and work-overload they have this shout quality which resurfaces. The point being, whenever it shows its face you feel too threatened and distressed. At these points, when a small talk irritates your boss, you should immune yourself to the shrill voice. Let work go on unhindered. There will be a time when he/she will grow too tired and realize what they have been upto. In the end, the work must go on and you are definitely made of tougher material than you thought.

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The Too Much Work Talk
This happens to be a subjective matter, so you need to get your facts correct before you go deep into it. Note down as to why you think you are over-loaded and make sure it sounds persuasive enough. Count the hours you put in, the productivity you bring for the organization and then get talking about it. Approach it softly and make a statement, before your manager leaves it as open-ended as ‘we will see’


These talks although difficult to initiate are imperative for your job satisfaction to continue!

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