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Telephonic interviews have become a screening tool that precedes an on-site interview. It also means that it’s a process of elimination. Often candidates undermine the importance of a telephonic interview and end up being rejected by potential employers. Here are some ways to make sure that you excel in your endeavour and go through to the next stage.

The perks

The biggest advantage of a telephonic interview is that you don’t have to face the interviewer. You can be in your comfort zone and feel more relaxed and confident. Other perks include staying in bed, being in your comfy clothes and having an exhaustive list of answers to commonly asked interview questions. It all seems so easy. But too much comfort breeds a laid-back attitude, and it will have an adverse effect on your interview.

The mistakes

You can easily make cheat sheets and keep them handy during your interview. But it sounds scripted when you read from them. If you take your pre-hiring call in bed you might sound tired, uninterested and boring. Since there are no visual cues to guide the interviewer, they will pay extra attention to your replies and they can judge you on the basis of the slightest nuances in your communication skills.

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Things to remember 

  • Do some stretching as it helps you to calm your nerves, feel fresh and confident.
  • Sit straight, don’t slouch and sound natural
  • Take notes during the interview, especially regarding the way forward
  • Pick a quiet place for the interview.
  • Make sure your phone has good reception and turn off call waiting
  • Keep your resume handy
  • Avoid unnecessary pauses and give articulated answers
  • Pace your answers and enunciate
  • In case of long interviews make sure you use a phone with a speaker
  • Dress formally as your professional attitude always reflects in your words
  • Know the name of the interviewer and pronounce it correctly.

The power of smile

Although the telephonic interview is a serious process and shouldn’t be taken lightly, don’t forget that it’s a conversation between two people. Don’t sound too serious or nervous. Portraying yourself as someone who is friendly and excited about the prospective job opportunity will make a positive impression. Smile as it makes your voice cheerful and welcoming. Your qualifications landed you the interview, now it’s time for you to show your charisma that will make you stand apart from the rest of the candidates. So smile and crack your phone interviews confidently.



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