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CareerBuilder India interviews Sunil Sharma- Senior Deputy General Manager – Corporate HR & Personnel at Larsen & Toubro Limited. Larsen & Tubro is one of the India’s largest conglomerates with international presence and growing very fast and the construction, & EPC space. CareerBuilder India interviews Sunil Sharma- Senior Deputy General Manager – Corporate HR & Personnel at Larsen & Toubro Limited. Let’s read some of his insights on Gen Y hiring and retaining talent.

What are your major job responsibilities?

My name is Sunil Sharma and I look after function called Head Office HR, which comprises of people, or employees, which cut across all the business verticals of L&T, and there are almost about 12 verticals, and large verticals, having a turnover of almost around 14 billion plus. SO, I head HR functions and the recruitment, talent acquisition in the organization for these verticals.

Tell us something about L&T’s growth plans.

Talking about the L&T’s growth plans and the way it’s going, I think with the international presence, what we are trying to do is, we are trying to replicate our success story in India in the oversees market. And there is huge potential in the EPC space, Hydrocarbon & construction, which we are trying to replicate the success that we have seen in India.

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How are Marketing & HR functions similar?

Well, I would say, Marketing and HR are two sides of the same coin, or I would say that these are must to have in the HR functions. Reasons being, there is a lot of similarity between the marketing function and the HR function. Marketing is nothing but understanding the needs of the customers, reaching out to them, telling them what is it that you have as a USP, which you can offer them to meet and cater to their needs. Similarly, if you look at HR, it is all about employees, department heads, business heads, as your customers. So, reaching out to Gen Y, understanding what it that they want from HR, how HR can help them meet those strategic needs, how it can help in attaining the business. So, I think they go hand in hand, and it’s all about what’s seen is what is sold. So, for HR also you need to be visible in the sense you need to share with your employees, what is it that you can offer as a unique value proposition for the employee, similar to what you can offer as a product to a customer. So, I think, it’s inseparable, it’s together, it’s one.

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What do you look into before hiring a talent?

I think when we hire, few things which we look upon, one is the fit, because we are a 75 years old organization, and we have a very strong culture, which is belongingness, one family, which is working with inclusiveness. So, we look for someone, who can get into this culture and get absorb very fast and also bring in some of his uniqueness from outside. So, amalgamation of both- what he brings and how quickly he absorbs, is what we look at in every candidate.

What are your thoughts on Gen Y needs?

Well, I think, Gen Y works for many people, many people are doing things, but the main thing is catered to them as to what is it, you know every Gen Y has a different need, you can’t have just one way of retaining the Gen Y, every Gen Y has a different aspiration, different need. So, basically classifying them into one cluster and then catering to it is what we can do.

Does technology play a major role?

L&T is inseparable from technology, it’s an engineering company, so technology & engineering both are together.  So, I would say that we are faster than the technology in the space that we operate.

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