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What we speak and the way we speak defines the standard of our communication skills. No matter which language you belong to, the more number of words you know, the more eloquent you will be in communicating your ideas across. By being able to successfully express your views to people certainly opens new doors, especially in your career. Whether we talk about a successful start in the career or a successful career, it is all dependent on how you make it to the interview.  Regardless of the type of industry you are choosing, often jobs with higher salaries are offered to candidates who have excellent communication skills. English, being referred as global language, it is very important for candidates to prepare themselves with a strong English. While, dressing good and having the exact skills for the role are equally vital, being effectively communicative in the English language can go a long way in ensuring success at each level you would grow up in your career.

You must have often heard about candidates who are rejected on their poor English by recruiters. If candidates do not speak and communicate well in an interview, they are most likely to be considered by employers as unintelligent and unskilled for the job. That means, they will mostly be judging you by how you say, the things you say.  Here comes the role of vocabulary, developing which at an early stage can enhance your personality and help you reap multiple benefits in your career.

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Significance of Vocabulary in Career

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From ages, appearance carried a huge weight on the shoulders of job seeking candidates. However, with the evolution of recruitment industry, there have been noticeable transitions in the process of scouting, screening, interviewing and finally hiring candidates. Therefore, even if you are a genius in mathematics, having a poor vocabulary will put forth an impression that you are not the right fit for the brand. You realize the significance of having a strong vocabulary at the time interviews, where you are evaluated directly from the way you speak by your recruiter.

Interview Tip 101 – How to start working towards building a strong vocabulary?

Step 1: Read, Read & Read More

Mostly people in their school age do not like to read much besides the burden of their syllabus books. When they enter high-school, their interest in finding an ambition for themselves becomes important. If they are not venturing into an industry, which does not require reading, people usually do not read anything except newspapers or entertainment magazines (sometimes). This will have no effect on your vocabulary. The ideal way to score a high vocabulary is develop a habit of reading anything and everything.

Step 2: Where to start?

Choose your interest – sports, fashion, travel, food, politics, human issues, or any other topic. Once you have selected your area, now read everything that is useful to build your vocabulary. Start from daily newspapers. They help you build your reading habit. Read magazines. These provide you insight about the subject. Follow blogs and read them on daily basis. These would help you have a broader knowledge of the subject, enhance your quality of reading & boost your vocabulary. Choosing any of the reading mediums on a daily basis, is the easiest, fastest and certain way through which you can become a vocabulary master.

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 Step 3: What not do in the interview?

You are acquainted with new words. You have practiced them. However, you need to master the art of communication when it comes using to using during job interviews. Do not jump onto using all the high-end words in front of the recruiter at once. Also, do not try to be a vocabulary freak. The interviewer does not want to open your dictionary. He wants to know how well you make use of the right words while giving answers to his questions. Recruiters judge you not only on what you speak, but also how you speak it. Making the use of right words here is very important as trying to fit in flowery words or too complicated words will also not work. Rather, it will make you appear like an amateur. Do not seem like one.

When you know how your dream job would appear like, all it requires is your passion and devotion to prepare yourself with everything required in terms of communication. While, technical skills depending on the domain are most important to be qualified for an interview, how you present those skills through your communication goes a long way for employers to decide whether you will be selected or not.

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Get ready to crack your next interview!

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