Candidate Sourcing Strategies

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This article is the second installment of the previous article on strategic sourcing titled “Strategic Sourcing Best Practices Revealed.” It covered the three basic-yet-crucial strategic sourcing methods. Now, the subsequent part would guide you to the creative side of the recruitment processes to source candidates better and faster than the competition:

Standard platforms are good, but specific platforms are better!

If you need eggs for breakfast, you may visit a grocery store. If you need champagne for your anniversary party, you may visit a wine store. And, if you are suffering from some inflammation in your eyes, you may visit an eye specialist. Specific places/people for specific needs! Here, these random examples are relevant to understand why human resource should focus on being ‘specific.’ Common candidate sourcing platforms such as Linkedin to locate varieties of talent is crucial, but the effectiveness of a particular platform would bring the real change if quality and specific skill are the primary concerns.

For example, a hotel chain looking for a budget standup comedian to entertain its guests in the evenings, it would be a great help if HR management search on YouTube. If an advertising agency is looking for a visual artist, it will help if they seek the best candidates through the art galleries, painting exhibition, and the similar events organized frequently. They can quickly collect the data of the artists and can contact them later. An online photo-stock company looking for freelance or full-time photographers can find the talented candidates through Instagram which is one of the best platforms for photographers and videographers.

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Referrals are reliable, easy to find and fill the open positions quickly!

Your employees are the great source of referrals. Talented people know other talented people. A sudden need for hiring talent in your organization can be easily sorted if you ask your employees for some references. The reliability factor increases when an organization hire candidates through referrals. HR asking for some good recommendations to fill a particular position from the similar department would help a lot.

For example, there is an increased probability of a Java developer knowing other Java developers. We can expect that a chartered accountant is acquainted with other chartered accountants. The possibility of a chef knowing a martial art expert is minimal; he must be knowing few more belonging to the same profession. Your employees are the great source of knowledge about the possible talented candidates for your organization and can help you achieve the best strategic sourcing.

Internal Database is the smartest easily available option to initiate sourcing!

Utilizing internal database is the cleverest possible way to begin candidate sourcing immediately. The internal database is not a waste at all! Every piece of candidate data is precious which comes into the system through various possibilities such as ATS, social channels, resume database, past applicants, and recruitment tools.

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For example, a candidate whom you had not found relevant to one of the previous open positions can be a great possibility for the current requirements. Now, the experience, knowledge, and skills of the same candidate may have grown by the time. A fresher of the past must be an experienced candidate now. Internal data mining is crucial here that becomes easy when an optimized tool offers high-quality semantic search and resume parsing capability. It improves the candidate resume database search.

Hope you connect with the thought provided above and apply them in your organization for strategic sourcing without investing!

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