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The term ‘strategic sourcing’ has managed to create the stress in the human resource departments. The hullaballoo is not because what human resource should strategize to source talent, but how they can do it without investing much money.

The fact is, you don’t essentially require a costly marketing budget to locate and attract talent. In fact, it’s intelligent to think about how your prevailing communication corridors can be broadened as ways for sourcing. This may involve some creative thinking from your internal hiring team as it would not add any financial risk despite they goof up on the strategies!

Subsequent paragraphs would help you know the three basic strategic sourcing methods to build your list of successful sourcing practices:

1. Customers are the great source of word-of-mouth!

Publicizing the job openings to your existing clienteles is a low-priced affair to attract passive candidates. Your customers are already well engaged with your brand. Why not utilize this association to find and hire talent?

For example, Ikea places flyers in all the delivery boxes. The Flyers have the job ad printed for the newly open positions in the company. Imagine the reach it would create! The customers would happily distribute this message to their relatives, friends and closed ones. And, the best part is, the company spends zero on media and postage.

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2. Technology and creativity are the two sides of the same coin!

Even if the ‘magic technology’ exist in the modern times, it would not create any impact if use it alone without any strategy and creativity? If you don’t go with the technology, you will lose a competitive advantage in the war for talent. Therefore, when technology is leveraged in a planned way, you better be able to create more powerful sourcing plan to attract best available talent.

For instance, you have the best job distribution tool and a boring job ad to socialize. It would never create any impact. On the other hand, you have a very creative job ad, and you don’t have a mechanism to distribute it to the maximum number of people, it would also not help you either. Technology and strategies work best when applied together in a smart way.

3. What’s not a secret should not be a secret, reveal!

To grow as a brand, hiring the right talent is a must-have for any organization. Here, strategic sourcing best practices build your brand! Social media is creating countless opportunities to create buzzes even without putting extra efforts. Social media helps you execute the unique ideas in the best possible manner.

For example, both, active and passive candidates remain curious to know about the great work culture of their competitors. They want to know it because they want to compare and improvise. Creating different independent accounts and sharing your work culture with pictures and videos excite and fascinates jobseekers. They are always in a search to sneak into others’ workplaces, workstations work-culture, etc. Create original videos and pictures of your work culture and don’t hesitate to share them.

Adopting paid candidate sourcing strategies all the time is a bad idea. On the other hand, there are certain aspects of recruiting where you don’t have a control to accomplish them without investing money. But, the right combination of zero-investment ideas and paid strategies can do wonders to your recruitment practice. Hope you will include these suggested points in your candidate sourcing efforts to acquire the best talent faster.

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