Talk about how brand recall happens and the first thing to cross your mind would be either some insignias or certain slogan-like utterances. Students of modern psychology would know the positioning strategy behind creating a brand personality.

Whether you it to television or to the creative geniuses in the world of advertisement, taglines has been front-line soldiers fighting competition for bringing their brands closer to the user. So be it ‘A Diamond is Forever’, ‘I’m Lovin’ It’, or simply something quirky like ‘Got Milk?’, taglines have a purpose. Not just that – they have a story behind them too.

How many of us know what the little insignia that looks like a (tick) mark on every Nike product means? FYI that is called a ‘swoosh’ sign. No denying the fact that sometimes taglines and logos are just happenstance, but when it comes to Nike everything has a story behind it – or so it seems! Nike-the brand that never fails to offer some of the best ever commercials and advertisement, revealed the story behind its very catchy tagline ‘Just Do It’ on the brand’s 25th Anniversary

Those Aspiring Simple Three Words Put Together To Form a Tagline with Exemplary Recall Value – Just Do It-Was Inspired from a Murder Story!

Behind the simplicity of this ubiquitous tagline is an astonishing murder story – a real one! So when Dan Weiden conceived that one tagline that was about to sum up the entire brand, what was on his mind? The only thoughts on his mind at that time were that the line won’t work – that it’s too unfocused! What Weiden was giving the world was a tweaked form of killer Gary Gilmore’s last words.

Right before being executed by the fire squad, Gilmore uttered ‘Let’s Do It’. No one would have ever thought to give those three words a life! Weiden did something remarkably good. Turns out the ‘Just Do It’ tagline is still going great.

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