Startup Pitch Deck

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Every successful business of contemporary times once might be stepping into the commercial periphery with their tiny steps. Gradually, with constant efforts, companies proceed to hold a stable position. Here, highs and lows are evident. In between, what is more, crucial for a business is a good ‘funding’ source, which require a robust startup funding pitch deck.

In a world where ‘startups’ have given a new meaning to fresh and unique business setups, looking for an investor has become a major concern for idea-makers.

Startup Pitch Deck
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It is not necessary that those who possess great business concepts are sitting on the heaps of money!

Therefore, transforming a unique or fresh business idea into a full-fledged business and further nurturing it with an appropriate amount of startup funding is vital fact. Finding a potential investor is even more crucial here. When it comes to pitching investors for the first time, the idea-makers (entrepreneurs) must put in investor’s shoes and think why an investor should fund their business concept. Despite the fact that 10s of other startups are approaching the same investors, entrepreneurs have to be confident about their business pitch and clearly, explain the USP (Unique Selling Proposition) of their business (or idea).

Most of the successful pitch decks emphasise on the following slides comprising of 15 to maximum 20 slides:

  • Product
  • Team
  • Business Model
  • Market Size
  • Company Purpose
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Here are ways that successful fundraisers use to capture attention and impress investors:

1. Storytelling

Successfully convincing investors for startup funding depends on the art of storytelling. Excellent entrepreneurs are not visionaries; they are excellent at storytelling and sales! On the other hand, the earlier the entrepreneurs enter into venture; the more investors would look at investing in the potential future of the unique idea of the startup. The pitch must be more of an experience that speaks out an overall story about the startup visually through slides and words that the storyteller speaks.

2. Referrals

Quality referral is one of the best means to find the attention of active investors in the market. If an initial approach is not the direct ones (in person), make it possible to deliver the pitch message through the PDF material via referrers. Don’t even miss the tiniest opportunities available to communicate virtually with the potential investor introduced by the referrers.

 3. Timeframe

The pitch must be delivered within 20 minutes. It helps to focus on the most crucial points to represent in the pitch. The time-limit ensures that investors don’t lose their attention. The message must be intriguing and novel. If the representative crosses the timeframe, it loses the charm of storytelling, though how interesting the pitch is.

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4. Money

When it comes to express the investment opportunity and ask for the amount, the same confident storyteller becomes shy and can’t find words. If investor nods in yes, ask directly how much money the startup would be needing to initiate it and what would be the flow of money to slip in the coming years. Be prepared to neatly describe the use of funds that are being raised.

5. Pitch Material

Presentation slides must have crisp and concise content. The speaker’s words complement the slides. But, later if investors want to consider the pitch sitting in their office cabin, they have to be provided with a pitch in a PDF format combining slides and the story altogether.

Startups are the future of commerce for any country. They keep the new industries flowing in with benefits at societal and overall economic grounds. For example, mobile app-based startups have revolutionised the way we live our life. For investors, it is crucial to recognise such startups. On the other hand, being an idea-maker (entrepreneur), create an experienced based story for storytelling and don’t forget to follow the above-suggested points. All the best!

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