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The future of Indian staffing companies is on the fairer side of the current expansion of corporate, middle and, small scale businesses. Staffing agencies have a significant contribution to the modern day talent need in the country. In fact, the HR services provided by the Indian staffing agencies aren’t limited to the country. The nation has been successfully delivering staffing services to other countries as a recruitment outsourcing agent. The United States of America is one of the largest clients which India offers professional staffing services.

The US finds the Indian recruitment agencies low-cost, better, and specialized in hiring workforce from within the region through Indian staffing channels. Industry speculators believe that almost 50% of US companies outsource sourcing and screening to hire full-time workforce from India, Mexico, and the Philippines.

Why the US finds Indian staffing services better?

Following are the two reasons explaining why India is a top choice in workforce outsourcing.

Recruiting Talent

Resume database isn’t sufficient to shortlist candidates. Therefore, companies hire recruiters to communicate with candidates for further information like – If they would be interested in ‘ABC’ company? If they would be interested in ‘XYZ’ role? Etc. This initial screening is a somewhat complicated affair that can be performed cost effectively from low-cost offshore countries like India.

India is already an experienced offshore base in Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) including, tech support and customer service. It has a low cost, large, and English-speaking workforce. It helps India become a natural choice for the US as a recruiting outsourcing hub.

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However, running an HR agency and providing staffing solutions to US-based firms is not everyone’s cup of tea. It requires different business strategies altogether. The following points would help you understand what’s needed to be successful.


For an HR company, which will operate from India to serve US workforce needs, requires a massive investment initially. You need talented employees, VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) phones, computers, internet connection, etc. You need to register your company either in US or India or both the countries or just register either an LLC or an INC as per your requirement. If you register your business in the US, it will give you more advantage like the ease of payment release and brand value as a US-based HR firm sitting in India.

Resume Database

The soul of any HR business is – resume database. If targeted country is North America, it apparently requires US resume database. The quality data you have is equivalent to the success rate of converting hiring pitch into a closed deal. When you are hiring, it becomes crucial to start on a quality-oriented note as you cannot be an average recruiter to survive in the US staffing market. Either you already have resume database, or you buy it from resume database vendors like CareerBuilder.

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Building Connections

Bigger organizations like IBM, Microsoft, Infosys, etc. which operates in multiple countries require a significant number of employees. You need to build relationships with them to get the business. You also need to contact other staffing agencies to share their requirements of candidates.

Business Development

If you are acquainted with the business development procedures to reach potential clients and pitch your new staffing services, then do it yourself. Otherwise, you need to hire business development officers. Don’t hesitate to hire professionals who can represent your services to the clients with more professional strategies.

Industry Specific Assistance

Start with an industry specific support, for example; an HR company helps US-based companies hire only IT candidates. This is a pro tip to play safer! Once you get the flow and achieve a significant number of clients, you can segregate your services to some other industry.

Buying US resume database, hiring recruitment professionals, and having appropriate investment budget are some of the basic parameters, but planning (research & development) and anticipation (awareness) is crucial when you want to be an HR outsourcing company for the US clients. Since you are not physically available in the foreign country, you have to be more thorough about current demand and supply of the candidates and strategize accordingly to take better decisions and achieve successful placements.

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