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With the organizations’ increasing attention on work-life balance, happy employees, and higher employee productivity, more employers have taken a step forward in the direction of employee-friendly employment policies. This can be segregated into three categories- flexible work arrangements, work from home, and 5 days working week.

With the same thought in mind, ‘Starbucks’ in India, an unforgettable name in the Food & Beverage Industry has recently set a new trend by adopting a ‘five-day week’ policy. The new policy, to be effected from May 15, 2016 is designed to ensure a progressive workforce that is engaged, happy and productive.

5 days a week policy – Another Employee Productivity Enhancer

Food & Beverage stores are open seven days a week. This means lesser number of leaves for employees. Starbucks, a JV with Tata Global with the launch of this new policy will benefit over twelve hundred employees, who are working across 83 stores in India.

 What is a ‘5 day week’?

A five day week refers to work arrangements designed by employers of an association to work on a five day pattern.

Is it feasible for all employers to offer a 5-day week mode of operation?

Organizations can implement five-day working week as per their modes of operations. For instance, companies which require to operate their services on seven days can allow employees to take two days fixed off and maintain the rotation in teams.

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Likewise, companies can implement a common five-day working schedule for all employees and keep it flexible for those who are willing to work on weekends.


 What are the benefits of a 5-day week for employees?

  • Improved Family Life

Employees can spend more time with their families and take care of their children who need early care.

  • Save on Travel Time & Cost

Employees can save on travelling time to and from their workplaces.

  • Enhanced Time for Leisure

Employees can plan short-trips to unwind with their families and friends.

  • Opportunity for Higher-education

Employees can undertake higher-education classes to develop personal, and, professional interests.

  • Option for Self-Relaxation & Motivation

Employees can relax on weekends, after which they will be charged up for work with greater enthusiasm.

 What are the benefits of a 5-day week for employers?

  • Enhanced productivity will be visualized with more number of motivated employees.
  • Will help in employee retention.
  • Will reduce cost of hire and recruiting time.
  • Will help attract new employees.
  • Will help engage the new and existing employees.

 Gone has the time when employers used to chase or push employees to work. Presently, with the provision and benefits given by organizations, employees are tuned to work with greater enthusiasm without having to put any additional effort. In the quest to compete with market leaders, employers can must analyze their work operations in order to roll out policies, which require a two-days off. Top brands are doing it, are you?

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