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Many times employers and job-seekers avoid to associate with a recruitment agency for their HR services. Do you know why? This is solely because of the negative experiences they have faced in the past. Therefore, it is true to say that there are several unrecognized recruitment agencies who make money by offering poor or fake HR services. These must be avoided. But, out of the entire crowd, spotting those bad recruitment agencies is too a challenge. This is why we have come up with some smart tips for employers, as well as, job-seekers which would work as warning signs while evaluating recruitment companies.

Brash Attitude

If a recruitment agency delays in bringing good results for you, it is not necessarily a bad thing. However, if the HR service providers seem to be constantly pressuring you to follow a particular direction, say a big ‘No’. Recruitment service providers who cannot handle a negative response deserve to be avoided. On the contrary, good recruitment service providers will invest time in listening to your job requirements and bring forth suggestions that will help you make the best decisions for yourself or your company.

Casual Approach

When you find a recruitment agency is not sending you the right job or candidate, it displays a highly casual attitude towards the clients it is serving. A good recruitment agency on the other hand, will strive hard to bring the best match across. Working to provide the best possible matches for both types of clients- employers and job-seekers is the primary responsibility of professional recruitment professionals. Spotting this difference before delay is crucial.

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Frequent Change of Recruitment Staff

How would a recruiter or job-seeker feel when he or she would be communicating with a new recruitment consultant each time? A sense of annoyance is created under such unacceptable circumstances. Beware of such unprofessional recruitment agencies, which do not work on the core areas of making their clients happy such as building personal relationships, taking ownership of the hiring contract from the start till the end etc. Making genuine connections with job-seekers and employers indicate how the recruitment agency creates its brand value across.

It is Just Not the ‘Best Fit’

Approaching a recruitment agency means the employer wants top talent and not average. However, there are certain recruitment agencies that do not even bother about the needs of employers. The HR consultants do not pre-screen candidates and often send candidates who are least fit for the job. The same case takes place with job-seekers on the other side. When you want the best, do not give a green signal to such recruitment consultants who do not value your money, time and trust.

Hidden Cost

Keep an eye on staffing agencies, which charge an extra fee towards the end or sometimes in the middle of the job contract. This means, they have crossed the line of trust and are just doing money-making business. When you spot such an agency, walk away from it instead of paying everything it asks from you displaying your desperateness towards the best match.

In the recent years, the recruitment industry has given birth to endless competition between recruiters and recruitment consultants. Both with the same goal, attempt to make the best hiring in least time. However, as the phrase says, “It is better to be late than sorry”, it is wise to make the right decision by spotting the bad recruitment agency on the first go before you end up paying the loss from the poor HR services they offered to you.

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