Prateek, a 23-year old, works in a multi-national in Gurgaon. He has been employed by the company for a year now, and his productivity is “decent” according to his bosses. He is a clear example of a perfectly average employee, who is just there; bland and unremarkable. People look through him when he tries to make a point and his hardwork seldom compensates for his social skills; which seem to be crucial to your conduct nowadays. Outrightly put, Prateek has a rare disease called a social handicap.

Here is a checklist to confirm if you are socially-awkward employee or not.

Smirk and Smile
There is a thin line of difference between a smirk and a smile. While the former is mostly used in a sarcastic, self-satisfied manner the latter is a clear expression of happiness. The social handicap lies in the incapability of distinguishing between the two. The socially outlawed people often confuse them, and end up giving one in the place of another; thereby messing situations for them.

Monosyllabic and Mature
The YES or NO appears way curter than intended; it often takes the path of arrogance with coworkers, although the bosses might see it as highly coherent and mature behavior. They don’t have the word ‘small talk’ in their dictionaries. Awkwardness indeed, is a virtue of minimal words and short sentences.

Disclose and Deny
Some socially awkward persons are bipolar. On one hand they disclose secrets about themselves in crisp, to-the-point sentences; on the other hand they close down completely to any outside force. This reassures people, that something is indeed wrong with them.

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Catch and Create
An element of surprise in their graceless conduct, is the prowess to observe. While they don’t interact much, they catch the minutest of details of what’s happening around them. Most of them are immensely talented, somewhat eccentric and that is their defense against the socially non-conforming etiquette.

Now, for the results-

If you were nodding vigorously to all of the above phenomena, then my friend you are a true case of social awkwardness.

If you were nodding slightly, then your case is less perfect but you are on your way to become the best of your league.

If you nodded to two or less of the above explanations, then you might be bordering between socially awkward and socially adept.

If you were reflecting internally to understand the meanings of the explanations above, then you are adept at social communication.

Comment below and tell us which one are you?

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