The Wave of Social Media in the Recruitment Sector

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In the recruitment industry, talent acquisition has been at the forefront for quite a few years now. When it comes to bulk hiring, there is always a war for best talent been witnessed. However, with the need for volume hiring, which is increasing at a rapid pace in the country, the focus towards technology has also shifted. Video interviews, Social referrals, Career sites, Big data analytics are some of the growing trends, climbing up the pyramid. The availability of social resources, platforms has become the need of ‘even small players in the market’ that is again redefining the role of a recruiter. Organizations are increasingly working on their social media presence to articulate their brand value in front of their prospects.

A research revealed by Career Glider says, 78% of recruiters were using LinkedIn as a platform to search candidates in 2010. In 2015, the percentage has risen up to 95%.  Furthermore, where just 14% of recruiters on Twitter were posting jobs on the platform, the number rose to a whopping 95% by the end of year 2015. 80% of passive candidates are being tapped by recruiters through social media. These amazing numbers clearly depict the grand evolution of social media in the recruitment industry.

What will lose its relevance in the coming years?

Traditional face to face interviews, assessment tests, manual search for candidates will all lose its relevance with years moving swiftly towards video-based recruitment, use of automated pre-hire solutions, time saving ATS’s, and social media assessment. With an option to pre-assess candidates through their social profiles, interview  the selected ones via skype or other video platforms, all this will shorten the life-cycle of hiring candidates. What more!

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The Wave of Social Media in the Recruitment Sector

New Opportunities in the Recruitment Space

With the wave of social media stretching across India, the role of a recruiter has seen a transformation in the recent years and soon the technology-based product solutions will overpower the recruitment industry. Unlike earlier, when large scale hiring was aimed to be conducted within a short span of time, the use of hi-tech recruitment tools will now become helpful for recruiters to understand the effectiveness it can create in their hiring practices. ‘Verbal and written assessment’, which have already become the ‘old-fashion’ terms in the industry, there will soon be a big transition in how candidates being assessed, mainly through social media.

With the ambition of making India the human resource capital, the recruitment industry is certainly poised to see a massive boom in the upcoming years. Hence, the most critical role of a recruiter today is

to lead this transformation not attempt to change it. Budding recruiters must also realize that organizations are now being defined by talent they have accommodated. Therefore, strategic talent assessment, employee engagement and talent acquisition are all equally important.

Today, a large part of the world is connected with internet making social hiring the next big thing. It is time to hence start recruiting through social platforms. To assess the depth of this challenge, leaders in recruitment must take the initiative by breaking all the conventional methods of hiring as to witness a visible change in their recruitment results in terms of consumption of time, cost of hire, filtering the right candidates for the right position, and finally the right talent on board.

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