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Let’s just take it as a given fact that social media hiring has been gaining momentum and that it will continue to grow in the coming times.

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But here’s the crux, with everyone flooding these digital gates, how do you make sure that you stand out? There must be thousands of recruiters going online, millions of communications sent per day. How do you make yourself visible in this large crowd?

“You need to make sure that what you do is different from whatever everyone is doing. “

Paradox time: If everyone tries to be different, is anyone really different?

Well perhaps not, but there are still a few things that you can do to make sure that your brand leaves an impression instead of being just another cloud on a stormy social media sky. A few tips that will help you reshape your brand story.


What we think you should do:

  • Humanize your contact methods

No one likes talking to a logo! Show the people you interact with that there are real people behind your HR accounts. Don’t stick to the IVR lingo and sound like a machine in your interactions. Sure decorum must be followed but that doesn’t mean you make up a template response and stick to it. Give the people behind your accounts the freedom to inject their own personalities and quirks to the communications. When you humanize your contact methods, people find it much easier to interact with you.

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  • Don’t market too much

Keep it real! Sure you’re proud of your press releases and those expensive and sleek marketing videos, but this is the social media. People don’t spend time watching these things (unless they’re your competitors and they just want to keep a track of you). For the sticky social media part of the web, your happy, chirpy and successful employees are your best asset. Let them do your marketing; let them show why working for your organization is so much fun. You can’t get more real and authentic than that. A real person talking about real experiences is how your audience gets a feel of what working with you is really like.

No one likes to feel that they are being “marketed to”. So save your fancy videos for the business channels and instead try walking about your workplace with a handheld and ask people questions. “Off the top of my head…” kind of content will resonate with your audience much more than any scripted recruitment gimmick will.


  • Deliver something new

You need recruits, you need to post jobs. Seems obvious, but isn’t that what everyone is doing? Sure job postings are great, but aren’t they already listed on your company website? Yes, yes go ahead and keep informing people about the vacancies. BUT! What if you brought something new into the equation? What if you gave your followers and friends opportunities that are not readily available to outsiders?

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Give people a behind-the-scenes look at your office culture. Give them a chance to make meaningful connections with people inside the company. Let them create real-life connections. Have a contest, let the winner spend a day at your workplace, or have lunch with a recruiter, the sky is the limit (Maybe have a word with HR for the budgeting of this though). Whatever you choose to do, strive to deliver exclusivity and let your brand be known for its personal, real and exclusive story.


  • Add relevant value

Everyday people get tones of communications from various companies telling them about offers and vacancies. But you need to make your organization stand out among those. Make sure that what you share has relevant and useful content. When it comes to selecting an employer these days, people are often interested to know about the work environment, advancement opportunities, mentoring programs, etc. within a prospective company. Make sure you address these areas. Salaries and perks can always be negotiated; culture and environment are what count.

Idea: Host a Twitter chat for prospective employees where they can ask their questions and get real-time responses from your employees.


  • Make sure you’re Tech Savvy

It is a digital age and with everyone going online, it is imperative that your organization stays ahead of the technology curve. Your target audience is the online generation and if your competitors are on the verge of developing mobile career apps and you are struggling with Facebook then trust us, you are being judged and no, it is not good. So if you haven’t done it already, you need to step-up your game and prepare to become all tech-savvy.


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The number-crunching high-tech race has begun. Make sure that your digital footprint is worth remembering and not just one among a thousand others.

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