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Searching for a job sometimes feels like a daunting task. In a vast pool of desperate job seekers, it is always an uphill task to get noticed. You might be good at excelling in group discussions and cracking interviews. But in order to get the chance to prove that you are the right fit for the job, you have to catch the potential employer’s attention. Social media provides the perfect tool to overcome this obstacle and reach out to the right people. Networking is the name of the game and today it happens faster and effectively in the virtual world.

The Myth

Until a few years back, a flawless CV could guarantee better visibility among the prospective employers and social media was just a way to interact with friends. But today with the growing need to find the perfect employee, recruiters have started to take an interest in the job seeker’s activities on various social media outlets. Just like a better resume boosts your job hunt, the thumb rule says ‘ Better your profile on social media, better are your chances of finding the right job’.

Its Your Mirror Image

It is an impression of you that you are casting in the virtual world. Just like how you maintain your looks and hygiene in real life, it is imperative that you keep a spic and span outlook towards your social media profiles. Remove any content that can make the employers turn the other way. Keep your profile updated. It’s good to have an opinion but at the same time bear in mind the fact that sleazy and offensive content can hamper your chances from a professional perspective.

Active, Not Just Alive

A dormant profile is as good as an outdated CV. Be involved in the discussions on trending topics. Blogging is an effective way of voicing your opinions. Comment, tweet and share relevant posts as it shows your inquisitiveness and also helps in promoting yourself as a brand. You will find relevant people in various groups and communities. Update your profile regularly with both pictures and text based posts.

‘I’ The Brand

Just like any other product out there, you should consider yourself as a brand. If a brand has to be known by the target audience then its presence should be built accordingly. Your positive attributes should be analysed and highlighted in a way that you advertise yourself via social media. Don’t brag but make sure people know what you are good at. The kind of people you follow and pages you like and groups you join, speaks volumes about your personality. So keep it classy!

Keep Up The Network

It is a healthy professional habit to keep in touch with your friends and professional contacts on a regular basis. In-person networking is crucial as it adds on to your brand value. And branding is an ongoing process, so stay active and make your presence felt. ‘Word of mouth’ plays a vital role in shaping your career prospects. Sharing information can mutually benefit job seekers. You might not have your job tomorrow, but you’d still have your ‘network’ to refer and recommend you to find a new one.

Start Now

You can choose from the various social networking sites according to your job requirements and personal preferences. Either way, projecting a healthy social media outlook gives you an edge over the other job seekers. The employers look for smart and skilled people to fill their positions and maintaining a dynamic attitude in the world of social networking does give you the edge. So if you think your Facebook and Twitter accounts are only for your personal use then think again. Spice up your social media life and increase the odds of finding the right job. Get to it!

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