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Today, Twitter is one of the demanding social media platforms in use. On an average, it generates more than 40 million tweets per day. It is a free, fast and fun medium for broadcasting any message to any audience, with several other marketing and business applications that make it a useful tool in social hiring.

However, there several ways to use Twitter for sourcing and recruiting the talent, today.

Use it to:

– Find candidates

– Gather information on candidates

– Engage candidates, and

– Broadcast open job positions

Here are 5 must-haves on social hiring through Twitter.

It will help you assess your existing recruiting practices and let you learn about social recruiting trends.

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Check1. Focused Twitter Following


  • Run a targeted “Twitter Following” plan.

Search communities with your target candidate market, for instance, if you are an IT recruiter, find the existing database of Java programmers, framework architecture, and database developer, and engage with them.

Find your competitors’ Twitter account and start following their followers. It is a brilliant way to conduct an urgent recruiting campaign or build a talent pipeline with a new candidate source.

  • Every week work to “Add Twitter Communities”.
  • Select a day with particular time slot and spend an hour or 30 minutes at least to work on increasing targeted Twitter following plan.
  • Make a checklist of your competitors on Twitter and follow their followers.
  • In a dedicated time span take 15-20 minutes to review the Twitter profiles of individuals you are following and just keep following best prospects only.
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2. Keyword Search on Twitter


Tap the keywords tweeted by your target audience. Also, include the popular hashtags in your tweets. This will help your tweets to reach the wider audience and to the targeted audience.

  • Use the online tools like to get the analytics of hashtags you intend to use.
  • In your tweets use the combination of location, job profile or the industry coupled with other relevant keywords and hashtags.
  • From returned results you will get a decent number of pertinent and active job seekers to tweet your job or may like your announcement.
  • Simply drop them a personal message on Twitter or invite them to apply through Twitter messaging mentioning the job application link.

You can use this Twitter strategy for any candidate engagement you want to develop, such as building the database of active and passive candidates, invite them to a virtual job fair or career counseling.

Also, it is an excellent way to see how many types of the aspirants you want are in specified geographical location.


3. Keep Tweet Level in Check


Once your Focused Twitter Following Plan is initiated, it is wise to maintain the tap on the effectiveness of your Tweet levels. It is imperative to know that where social hiring with Twitter is going and what sort of amendments does it require to make it better?

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Use following Twitter Tools to find the impact of your Targeted Twitter Following Plan.

There are several excellent Twitter methods and tools. Initially, choose two or three and add the most successful ones to your patterned social hiring process.

! Social Oomph and Helps you to schedule your tweets and vet new followers.

! TweetBeep. Alerts you when others are tweeting about you. It is quite beneficial in contacting those tweeting about your jobs and monitoring the results of Twitter job broadcasts.

! Backtweets. It allows you to see who and how users are re-tweeting your Twitter job announcement.


4. Twitter Apps for Recruiters


Most of the employers have the mindset that Twitter was just for celebrities or admirers of celebrities. However, Twitter is more than the celebrities’ battleground or entertainment news channel.

Check out these Twitter apps designed for recruiters

a. TweetMyJobs. This app has premium and free options available. In a free edition, you can post up to 25 jobs per year, sending them out to Twitter and Facebook. However, if you have enterprise account, then you can get branded Twitter channel where you can post more than 25 jobs per year.

b. TwitJobSearch. It is free and a simple app to use. It is an excellent search engine for jobs. Leverage their platform to add your job, or tweet your job.

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5. How else can recruiters use Twitter?


Twitter is more than just tweeting the job posts and following the relevant prospects. There are several other fast and easy ways to boost your social hiring practices with Twitter.

! Twitter Chats. Find the relevant industry chats using the Twitter Chat directory where suitable candidates participate.

! Hashtags. On Twitter, you will find popular hashtags related to hiring and recruitment, including – #jobsearch, #hiring, #industry keywords like #marketing or #healthcare, #jobs, etc.

! Twitter Bios. It is another efficient way to search for keywords that underline the types of candidates you want, like – site: “bio” Hadoop.

A Word of Advice

Only compare the cost of a recruitment strategy that includes posting a job on job boards for thirty days to

– tweeting it online straight away for free,

– available to be re-tweeted over the course of hours, days and weeks,

– creating the leads on relevant prospects (candidates) possibly instantaneously.

If you have not already, you need to add Twitter in your social hiring strategies and improve your employer brand without spending a fortune.

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