You know you are the best at what you do. The boss is proud of you and you have been showing great progress in your career chart. You are the hardest worker and the most efficient of them all. However smart and self-reliant you may be, you are sure to face your fears in every office and these fears are the ones which almost everybody faces and only a few conquer it.

There are reasons as to why you aren’t getting that much- sought after raise, while everybody else. There has to be something wrong and we shall tell you what exactly is going wrong with you-

They Hired You For A Reason
How can you forget the larger picture? But we do tend to forget it in the flow of work and people around us. To cite a simple example- you might have problems with your manager and his idea of working. You are poles apart in your working style, while he is very detail-oriented you are more efficient and hence there is always a clash of ideologies there.

How to Fix- Now, both you and your manager have the same goal, i.e of making the project successful. However, the difference lies in your working style. The best bet is to talk it out. Both the parties give their point of view and come to a mutual consensus, where everybody can work in calm. Remember, you were hired to take the company forward, getting into trivial fighting and frustration undermines the higher purpose of it

You Don’t Have To Rely On The HR
HR people may seem to be like you care-takers in office, but actually they too are employees of the company and they just like you have their missions and goals. Confiding in the HR for more than required things can spell you doom. Having problems with a coworker, or a some trouble with some attitude throwing manager. Do not always go to the HR. If you happen to be a HR child, they might as well term you a problem child in office.

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How To Fix it- Again, rather than speaking to HR. Have a polite word with the people concerned. A one-on-one with the person clears much more than going to the HR, complaining and then getting back. The solution to your problem should be your own. Moreover, it enhances your problem solving abilities.

Be Constructive and Not Negative
As a new recruit in the company, you might feel some policies and plans are not too optimum. You would tend to object to some and try your best to get more value-laden ideas on the table. Although, you might be doing your task well, there is a need to understand why certain programs and policies had been there for the company.

How To Fix It- Make sure you understand and analyze what the plans and policies mean to the company, they are sure there for a reason. Rather than simply putting them down, give it a thought. Criticism without any alternate approach makes you a negative employee and hence, coworkers and the boss shall try and categorize you Encourage new ideas but with your think tanks intact.


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