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The Smart Cube, an award-winning analytics firm has announced the expansion of its leadership team, by hiring three stalwarts at the senior management level. Ruth Crawford joined as chief marketing officer (CMO), Jeremy Weil as Chief Product Officer (CPO) and Dheeraj Garg as Chief Information Officer (CIO)

The Smart Cube focuses on providing research and analytics services to Fortune 1000 businesses, management consulting firms and financial services institutions around the globe.


Headed by CEO, Gautam Singh, and co-founders, Omer Abdullah and Sameer Walia, the organisation has almost doubled its size with its analytics business growing at a speed of 160% in the last financial year, the company is now aiming to double its size again within the coming three years.

In the words of CEO, Gautam Singh, “With the global business environment becoming ever more involved, our clients increasingly work with us as an integrated extension of their team giving the critical insight and analytics they need to make better business decisions. With these key additions to our executive team, we are well-positioned to support our clients’ goals and accelerate our substantial growth plans.”

Seasoned entrepreneur, Weil is responsible for developing new scalable solutions to extend the company’s already existing service lines. Before joining The SmartCube, Weil was the product director at RELX and a strategy consultant with Deloitte, where he worked with a broad range of media brands.

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Crawford on the other hand, who has nearly two decades of experience in global marketing and communications with leading organisations like Opower and Mambu, will head SmartCube’s marketing and branding segment.

The ongoing technology and product development division of the company will now be spearheaded by Dheeraj Garg, who has 20 years of experience in the same domain.

It is an exciting time for SmartCube, especially with the tremendous market opportunity and experts are of the opinion that the organisation is well-positioned to capitalise on this significant opportunity.

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