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The saying goes, “if you are not green and growing, then you are red and rotting”. Over time, our roles change to fit and evolve with the present needs of the companies for which we work. To ensure your marketability, it is essential to keep up with the constant changes that come up with work functions.

Recruitment is an ever evolving industry, expressly with the growth of the social media and technology. The way jobs are advertised, candidates are sourced, and organizations build their employer brands are all the things that have been evolving over the years.

A closer look at new recruiting infrastructure

Image result for trend icon png  The key recruitment trends 

  • Digital marketing tools empower recruiters to target the right candidate easily and quickly.
  • Compensation and Competition are the biggest challenges that employers are facing in sourcing the right candidate at right time
  • Social media has made it conceivable to access candidates with more ease than ever before and vice versa
  • More than 50 percent talent acquisition leaders agreed that employer brand is one of the top priorities for their organization.

Top sources for seeking talent

  • For quality candidates, JOB BOARDS are one of the best place to look for, followed by SOCIAL MEDIA including, LinkedIn and Facebook.
  • Company CAREER SITE is another vital platforms for seeking a high number of candidates.

What does the future hold for recruitment?

In the future of recruitment professional and social networks are going to be essential, says – Global Recruiting Leaders.

There will be improved candidate and job matching as in the next five years recruitment is expected to become more like marketing.

Talentstream Sourcing Platform (TSP) – Reshaping the recruitment landscape

The Talentstream Sourcing Platform empower recruiters with one interface – to search candidates across their internal database of candidates,  through the ATS (applicant tracking system), professional networking databases and external job boards. This solution makes something that has been virtually impossible to do until now and will save talent acquisition ample resources like time invested in sourcing the right candidate and advertising costs incurred on multiple platforms.

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What is TSP?

Talentstream Sourcing Platform is a comprehensive pre-hire solution by CareerBuilder. It allows you to access several aspects of CareerBuilder’s Talentstream technology including Candidate searching or Resume search, Job distribution on multiple job sites and Social Referral on multiple social media websites.

Talentstream Sourcing Platform – Features at Glance

Image result for automatic icon png

  1. Automatic ‘Key Skills’ Search, MySupply and Semantic search

– Search: It assists you to increase the utilization of candidates you have already invested in. Also, take the benefit of automatic keyword generation that intelligently generate the search string of alternate job titles and essential skills for potential candidate matches to the job.

– MySupply: It is the internal searchable candidate database. You can create this database from various sources:

  • ATS (Applicant Tracking System) via bulk candidate upload or API integration
  • Talentstream Engage applicants
  • Directly into CSP (Candidate sourcing platform) – via email application or intercept page
  • co.in applicants or similar job boards

MySupply search engine is semantic and understands the context of your search. Hence, it returns with better results of suitable candidates than a literal matching that most ATS search engines employ.

Image result for distribution icon png 2. Broadbean Job Distribution

Broadbean Job Distribution is an advert distribution network allowing posting of your “job advert” in just 3 easy steps:

  1. Select Boards
  2. Fill in job details
  3. Confirm details and Submit
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Broadbean Job Distribution significantly reduces the time to post to multiple channels. Simply, fill the common fields for each board once and send to as many channels as you are subscribed to.

Image result for search icon png 3. Broadbean Resume Search

Broadbean Resume Search is one easy to use interface that ties MySupply and external resume databases. It simplifies the resume (candidate) search functionality across each job board. Additionally, recruiters can take the benefit of the available range of filters on the board to refine their search to find the desired candidates.

Image result for referral icon png 4. Social Referral

Social referral is a unique platform where recruiter posts a job and all the employees of the same organization can share further in their linked social media accounts including, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, etc. and are then incentivized. It is an excellent platform to encourage the employee referral program and is highly rewarding in nature. Unique referral codes ensure, unique referrals rewarded accordingly. Referrals have been proven to bring the recruitment costs down.

Image result for social distribution icon png  5. Social Distribution

TSP includes a complete marketing and social posting tool allowing easy distribution to following:

  • Google Plus
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter

It also provides a unique link generator allowing you to create an exclusive tracking link to your job to post anywhere, and track the responses.

In a nutshell, CareerBuilder’s Talenstream Sourcing Platform makes recruitment faster, cost effective and easier with the above features.

Sourcing – Beyond the Internet

Job board resume databases and purpose-built sourcing tools are highly searchable, contain more than tens of millions of resumes filled with profound and actionable human capital data.

If you are a decade old organization, then you are sitting idle on the goldmine of “resume database”, whereas your competitors are doing things differently. Talentstream Sourcing Platform is built not only to help you access your internal resume database. Also, it functions as sourcing workflow tool for external and internal search for options of social referrals and job distribution.

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Take an in-depth look at Talentstream Sourcing Platform Sales Sheet.

Biggest recruitment challenges – Hard to find best-fit talent

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  • 22 percent of CEOs said their biggest recruitment challenge is that they use numerous diverse sources for hiring and cannot coordinate them.
  • 49 percent of HR managers agreed that they do not engage prior candidates for new open positions
  • Of these recruiters, 52 percent said they focus on current candidates, although
  • 37 percent said they do not have time to do so.

How Talentstream Sourcing Platform makes a difference?

TSP is a game-altering solution that will have a massive impact on the recruitment process of the modern work world. The whole purpose of TSP is to make the candidate sourcing a time and money saving process.

 Image result for employee benefits pictures 

  • Talentstream Sourcing Platform is a comprehensive sourcing workflow and dashboard ensures hiring managers look at candidates from their internal database first before spending any money on external job adverts.
  • Single interface sourcing enables HR managers to view all external and internal databases in one place.
  • Job distribution feature allowing recruiters to post a job to a network of thousands of aggregators, job boards, and social networks.
  • Semantic search feature studies contextual meaning and intent behind the words – turning organization’s job descriptions into robust search.

The Talentstream Sourcing Platform provides HR managers with a powerful tool aimed at centralizing the sourcing process. It is a most comprehensive interface enabling recruiters to search across internal, external and social databases.

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