Monday mornings are groggy for all employees. Practically, we all need more sleep to pass successfully through these blues and for better productivity. Like power naps, these sleeping strategies re-energize you for the whole week. To overshadow your cranky self, you need this dosage of sleep empowerment.

Presenting sleeping strategies you can use for office slumber-

Power Outage
Grab or get a small pillow from somewhere, switch off your computer and go under your desk. Firstly, nobody will notice that you are there and if some sneaky fellow observes, then you can safely put that you are fixing your computer which doesn’t seem to work for some odd reason.


Avid Reader
Grab a heavy book and hide behind it for to catch a nap! To the boss, it would appear as if you are hard into researching something and the colleagues wouldn’t bother disturbing you. You can easily say that, you were too engrossed to even notice any movement.


Cultural Cap
If you are a very pious person and your community culture means the world to you. There would surely be some over-sized headgear which would help you get that sleep at the same time hide your face beneath it. It’s a perfect cover if you come across as a person who keeps hailing his/her culture and ethos in front of office people.


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Paper Eyes
Cut a pair of beautiful eyes from a glossy magazine and paste them on a hard paper to put them around your eyes. To the casual onlooker it would appear as if you are looking at your computer screen and reading something, while you would be sleeping behind the fake paper eyes.


Hair can conceal a lot of things, including your eyes. Yes! All you got to do is get a hairdo which conceals your eyes so that you can comfortably sleep behind the bushes of your hair. For additional effect, put a pair of glasses so as to appear authentic.


This requires more work and skillful execution so as to enjoy long hours of sleep. You need a life size cut out of yourself in your finest work attire to be put in front of your work desk. Behind that stand-in you can delve into your dreams, giving the impression that you are such a great standing thinker.


Do you have more ideas to kill the Monday morning blues?


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