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Call it a challenge or talent crunch, but the truth is, 2015 hasn’t been easy and doesn’t even seem to be in the coming months in terms of hiring the talent. Well, the real problem is not in the unavailability of the skilled & qualified candidates but is in the rapid growth of the job requirements. Well, what is the solution in such place? How about hiring the talent available with competitors?  Yes, it’s not that easy. You need to forget what you think you know about HR and instead excel in these skills. Scroll down to know what that is.

Sales skills:

source: Linkedin
source: Linkedin


Recruiting is similar to sales. And this is also a fact that most of the recruiters come from sales background followed by operations & administrations. Being a recruiter you have to sell the job position to the most qualified & skilled candidate. This can be a passive candidate too, and bringing him onboard is all about skills.

Check out this Slideshare from ERE Media to know the sales skills required by recruiters.

Connection-building skills:

You do not always get a chance to meet the candidate face to face. During most of the situations, you need to build a repo even before meeting a candidate. A recruiter’s job is more about building real connections be it via social media, smart phones, and other communication platforms. Well, you must read these tips on building strong bonding with the candidates.

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Making the best of technology & resources

To source candidates, there are countless job boards, tools like ATS, Big Data, and other platforms, but that won’t bring good to you if you do not know how to make the best use of it. You need to have a mindset and knowledge of making the best use of it. Just sitting at the desktop and looking for candidates based on keywords is not a way, instead you need to master sourcing candidates from different medium.

Read these 3 articles to enhance your technical skills:


Focus on bigger aspects: Being a recruiter, you need to take a bigger picture in focus, as you would not like to hire a candidate that would not fit to the company’s culture & requirement.


Strong Followup Skills

Follow up etiquettes after post interview are not just for the candidates. Employers too should have follow-up etiquettes.  You can have an idea with these follow up queries or concerns asked by candidates on Quora.


Don’t make an image that you are one of those recruiters who send back even potential candidates only to never reach to them again. Develop strong follow up skills and this would even help you in building relationships.

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