Do you remember meeting that man who spoke those exotic words at the drop of a hat? These words are an armor of creative conduct and come a long way in making you a super professional.

Modus Operandi–A Latin phrase shortened as M.O, it usually means method of working. This word germinated from criminology referring to the “the approach that the perpetrator adopts for committing crimes.” In business, it refers to the way a particular person or an enterprise functions, which in turn depicts the psychology and principles governing its work ethics. So, whenever you are discussing the course of action of a particular project in a meeting or about your way of operation; you can definitely use this exquisite word to make it sound classier and leave a lasting impression.

The Tipping Point– The term was made popular by author and journalist, Malcolm Gladwell in one of his book titled ‘The Tipping Point’ and businesses picked up the term from there. Tipping point refers to that boiling point or the threshold where the idea is set in motion. It could be the point where the deal is confirmed, or the point where one starts making sense of a dream and turns it to reality. Basically, it’s the point where things flow to a whole next level.

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Low-hanging Fruits– Picture an apple tree with apples hanging all over it. Now, zoom to the apple that is easiest to get which is obviously the lowest hanging apple. The analogy followed in businesses is of similar comprehension. It is about the people or deals or stakes which are accessible without much complication. Investopedia describes the phenomenon in sales as- ‘A target that is easy to achieve or a problem that is easy to solve. It refers to the sale of consumer products or services that are easier to sell. A low-hanging fruit presents the most obvious opportunities because they are readily achievable and do not require a lot of effort.’

Problem Child– Like the famous movie by Dennis Dugan, where the child played by John Ritter keeps troubling everybody, in business too it is suggestive of people who are a problem for a department or a company. Investopedia defines a problem child as one which “requires investment capital in order to expand and grow. However, uncertainty exists in this department’s profitability because success is not guaranteed.”

Cash Cows– No, there are no cows that produce dollars instead of milk. But, there are definitely products, departments, people or entire companies who flow in excessive profits; these are termed as cash cows. The company’s cash cows are held in great regard because of their superb revenue generating skills.

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These words have formed a contemporary business jargon of their own, but there is still time for the professionals to adopt it fully. However, when a person throws it around in a meeting or two, it indeed sounds very extraordinary!


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