Tips to Ensure Top Performance of Your Workforce

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An efficient workforce is the key to any organization’s success that is why companies pay utmost attention to recruit only the finest talent. But is just hiring a good candidate is enough? Is there any guarantee that the hired member will be able to perform 100% in a new role and new environment?What if selectedperson doesn’t fit in to a new organization like it did in its previous jobs or is not able to give its best, due to certain reasons? These are some of the questions which haunt most of the organizations. A candidate’s performance depends on various factors and there are ways through which managers can help new recruits attain their full potential.

Tips to ensure top performance of your workforce
CareerBuilder-Tips to Ensure Top Performance of Your Workforce

Simple Tips to Ensure Top Performance of Your Workforce

Respect the Individuality

Every individual is different. Whereas some people can easily adjust to a completely new environment, it takes quite a while for some, getting used to a new environment. The problem deepens in case of introverts, who take their own time before opening up to others. Some people pick up things fast, while few are slow learners and need some time to adapt to changes. In cases like this, it is the responsibility of HRs and their line managers to provide them enough time and support so that they don’t feel like being pushed or outcast, which can make matter even worst.

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Remove Barriers

Great managers are the ones who bring the best out of their people, without being too pushy and mean. The key to effortlessly attain this lies in subtly removing the barriers and providing them the support they needed to get out of their shell. They play the part of a mentor and do it in a friendly way. They help their team mates charting a success path and remove any kind of roadblocks that might arise on the way. It could be anything from providing training on relevant technologies or making them understand the right dependencies. Once a hire got clarity about the right decision makers and how a task needs to be done, the outcome often comes in form of a more productive and efficient employee.

Open Communication Goes a Long Way

Open communication is an art, which only few people can master. A manager can help its team, master the art of communication by making them understand how to react in difficult situations without sounding unprofessional, how to run productive meetings and how to face day-to-day obstacles head-on.Ask them what they can do better and work on a plan to get the best out of them. Train them to effectively deal with all kind of styles and personalities.Make them understand that every member of a team is different and will reciprocate to different communication styles. By investing their time in mentoring their team to become great communicators, mangers not just build strong work relationships with them but can also train them to become future leaders.


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Set Goals and Work Together to Achieve Them

Arrange one-on-one meetings with different members of the team and discuss short and long term goals with them. Ask for inputs about how they think this particular goal can be achieved in least possible time? Along with that there should also be discussions around their overall career development.Ask them that whether they feel they are working on right projects and getting proper support to get the work done. Keep regular checks on the outcomes and maintain the rhythm for more fulfilling and seamless future sessions.


But even then, if you are not getting expected results in first few attempts, call the respective employee for another one-on-one session and discuss the things calmly and clearly. The shouting and fireworks never works and it may make the situation even worse. The positive attitude is contagious and anyone is sure to feel motivated and optimistic with positive experiences. Never underestimate the power of constructive motivation and try to end the meeting on an affirmative note. But if everything failed, then may be its time to look out for another start performer for your team.

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