To stand-out there is one thing that you must always do – and that is never blend in. The irony though is that while we are all aiming to be different, our efforts are always directed towards gelling with the crowd  but no one great ever stood out without daring to be different. May be it is the hitch of being isolated – but no one great ever stood out without being noticed.

Competition is a similar arena. People try to compete with the same old sword.


Therefore, no one wins but everyone loses. And – everyone keeps swimming in the red ocean – until someone who believes in standing out discovers a blue ocean. Now if you are really willing to make a mark and steer ahead of competition, CareerBuilder bring you the following tips:

  1. Know Yourself: They might appear to be alike; however, no two snowflakes are the same. And, certainly, no two people are alike. Therefore, what may be a plus point for one, might not be something favourable for you. For example, if someone is good at Marketing and sales, you can forgive yourself for not being a crafty sales person. Your strength may lie somewhere else; say, for example, in technology.
  2. Have a Distinct Goal: While you don’t need to defy convention, setting a distinct goal will evoke you to think differently and solve problems creatively. For example, if your ultimate objective is to land a marketing job, you needn’t hit the conventional road of obtaining a Management degree. You can opt for a specialization course or a diploma that will give you an added advantage over the rest.
  3. Be Flexible: Rolling stones can never build a solid foundation; however, those that are willing to be casted in different forms, will definitely have higher demand in the market. Being flexible makes you a competent and promising resource, a quality that is able to offset most of the competition. Apart from being flexible, it is also important to be open to options that might not fall inside your comfort zone.
  4. Be Your Best Critic: It often happens that critics become the biggest influencers, when it comes to making decisions. Sometimes the influence of critics is so intense that you might forget your initial intent and inspiration behind an act, a choice, or a decision. Remember that no one knows you better than yourself (Have you read point 1?). Also remember that your decisions should be based entirely on your discretion.
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Just in case you are comfortable being a part of the game, think of your role in it. Are you contributing something unique? If not, then its time you chart a different plan.


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