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We often talk about the role of employers in retaining talent through best employee retention practices. And, one of the best methods to retain talent in any organization is providing employees with ample opportunities to maintain work-life balance.

But, have we ever seen the other side of the coin? Have we ever talked about employees’ own responsibility in maintaining their work-life balance or employee retention?


Understand Your Responsibility

Certainly, being an employee you also have a responsibility towards maintaining your own work-life balance despite the fact that the core responsibility is from employers’ side. It takes two to make a quarrel! Therefore, no heavenly plan sees success until everyone participates enthusiastically.

To understand it in a better way that how employees are responsible for their own good work-life balance, time management is really crucial. Those who always have a lack of time management skills at work suffer peace of mind and lack a good work-life balance.

How to Recognize What’s Wrong?

How to recognize that you own lack of time management skills through your own actions at work? Probably these points would answer your query about rating yourself to know whether you have a good time management skills or bad time management skills.

  • Despite a moderate task, you fail to deliver it on time.
  • You spend enough time on social channels and entertainment website – Facebook, Youtube etc.
  • You take long breaks.
  • You love gossiping at work.
  • You attend lot of personal phone calls.
  • You take things for granted until you find a huge pile of work.
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Considering the points mentioned above, you must have known the facts about how much you are able to maintain your time in your professional life. Even, if you own 1-2 habits out of the 7, you are prone to suffering from a bad work-life balance.

Freedom at workplace provided by your employers must not be affecting your work through your own actions occupied with negligence. If you are misusing the cool work environment of your workplace, you cannot manage you time. On the other hand, you are not enough managing your time you cannot maintain a good balance between your office and home.

The best cure to a bad time management is to utilize your office timing in completing the task first, and further anything and everything. It would not only give you full time to spend with your family at home, but you will be able to find extra time for improving your other skills at work. Moreover, it would help you cut down the stress level. Better it should be called as “self employee retention” rather solely considering it “employee retention”.

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