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The global economy is turning into a nightmare for recruiters; they just cannot find enough qualified people to fill the open job positions. In hundreds of survey report, it is mentioned that organizations are having an increasingly tough time in recruiting and filling positions.

A million dollar questions are, WHY it is happening? WHAT challenges CHRO’s, and recruitment leaders are experiencing in finding the talent?

Some experts say that it is “talent shortage” while, others blame “outdated recruiting practices.” However, in reality, there are some variables responsible for new work world talent recruiting problems.

Selecting the Best HR tools – Caution Ahead!
Selecting the Best HR tools – Caution Ahead!

Without highlighting these challenges, I would simply like to point my article towards the SOLUTION. It is true that growth in technology (social media, SaaS or software on demand) is above par and so the recruitment practices. Unfortunately, there are only some organizations that understand and embrace the change by adapting emerging recruitment trends.

On the contrary, firms that are still in possession of traditional hiring practice are falling behind. Moreover, this article is dedicated to those employers and recruitment managers whom NEEDS to KNOW “hottest trends in HR technology,” including best practices and HR tools.

So, here I am with 4 revolutionary HR inclinations:

1. There is a shift from Quantity to Quality

If you are searching for “talent for hire” then what you are doing to find those talent, or if you have them onboard then what you are doing to retain them? These questions need to be analyzed very carefully and must be tackled smartly.

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It is imperative to plan your entire recruitment and selection procedure right from the start, keeping a focus on quality, not the quantity. In the regard, HR sourcing tools can be of utmost assistance like, Talentstream Engage, which is a career site. It is a complete mobile-optimized platform to enhance the candidate experience and create internal resume repository.

2. Beware of the so-called breakthrough HR technologies

There are a plethora of HR tools (free and paid) available. The problem is, how smart you are in choosing the right technology for good reasons. I have seen the cases where, firms after spending money and resources find out that HR tools they purchased and implemented are a terrible match for their organization.

Apply lock and key hypothesis. Such organization might have recovered from such bad experience, but you may not. Do not invest your hard earned money in just any HR technology. First, assess your requirement, budget and analyze the available HR management tools to find the best match.

3. You cannot afford the Implementation part

Smart companies are waving off all the clutter and asking themselves, “Is this technology is easy to execute and will be my employees adopt”? Ignore all the pretty graphics and shiny toys and think about SMART DATA, USAGE and building STRONGER TEAMS. De-construct the technology down its key deliverables for better decision making.

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4. Analytics is the particular ingredient

Single stack software, analytics and any tool that qualifies relevant data to be gathered and shared among departments with consistency and ease are basically good. It brings everyone on the same page, speaking the same language.

For instance, Broadbean Analytics Suite is an excellent leadership and HR tool. It enables recruitment leaders to see what is happening – the good, the amazing, the weird and the stuff that makes us ask better questions.

The upsurge in the recruitment and selection tools is certainly asking for an upgrade of your recruitment practices. However, selecting the right one is a daunting endeavor that needs your time and effort to make the right decision.

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